Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Life and Loss

A friend and former co worker has left this earth.  It seems hard to believe as she had such a vibrant soul, it has come as such a shock to those who know and love her.

It's hard to put into words her spirit, or the impact she had on those she met. She is probably the most positive and spiritual person I've ever known.  She had a zest for life, a calm energy, she radiated a genuine kindness and beautiful soul.   Don't think I ever heard her say anything negative, nor ever talk bad about anyone.  She never seemed to let life get her down.  Her faith was incredibly strong.

She worked hard her entire life, and lived a simple life.  In fact, it was a job in LaJolla, California that caused our paths to cross.  When we first met I had a different kind of mindset, not all that spiritual.  But her way of being seemed to influence anyone who spent time with her. She opened my mind in many ways, enlightened me to more deeper and spiritual aspects of life.

Her goodness touched everyone she met, she lived a full life.  A friend of hers said it best "thank you for being such an example of God's love and kindness in such a dark world. You will be missed greatly, but never forgotten and will always be loved by all who knew you." 

Few years ago she bought a small house in Hawaii planning to retire there, and only a month ago she retired to do just that.  But now she won't get to live out her Hawaiian dream, which is heart breaking.

The irony sometimes of life.  Yet in the midst of sadness there are lessons to be learned as well. Maybe the most important being that.life waits for no one.  Dreams should not be put off but pursued now. Life constantly teaches us that tomorrow is not guaranteed.  Today is all we have. 

We need to create, pursue and strive to live our dreams every day.  Most importantly enjoy the moments and beauty of life.  Make time, be present for the people sharing our lives and the ones we love.  Live in unconditional love, give it and be open to receiving it.  Eat, sleep and breath love even if it means going out of your way to do it.

But it's more than just ourselves, it's making the world a better place.  Doing our best to help others, to fight for the good, to help those who in need or who can't help themselves, to do the right thing at all times. To never look way or say there is nothing we can do, but instead believe we have the power to make a difference. Live life to the fullest but also try to do it in a way that helps others or the world around us.

Creating a good life, being a good person aren't those the things that matter most....

Don't wait, start today.  Surround yourself with love, do what makes you happy, live in faith, be kind to all and make dreams a reality.  Life is a gift we need to cherish.


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