Monday, August 31, 2015

Monday Musings

The weather here finally cooled off a little, we were actually able to sleep with the windows open  and enjoy the cool night air.  That my friends is changing as the weather experts say a heat wave is heading this way, talking high humidity and temperatures of 95!   Yet again we have a house with no central air, think the next house not only needs central air but a pool too. Or maybe just an ocean view.  :)

The week was busy.  Had an eye exam because in the middle of all the home renovations expanding spray sealant exploded and hit my glasses.  Interesting because had just been thinking how lucky that my favorite glasses of 5 years were still in such good shape. And then wham they get destroyed just like that.  So I've been wearing back up frames since but they are heavy and not exactly comfortable. 

Finding a pair of glasses to fit my thin face has never been easy.  At least some designers make petite lines but even those tend too be large for my face.  The glasses that got damaged were the first ones I loved, they were both comfortable and cute.  They happened to be kids frames by Vera Bradley, and of course have since been discontinued.  The trend now is big, dark bulky frames which for small people like myself look out of place.

Thursday we went to see Van Halen in Jersey at an outdoor revenue.  Talk about fun, only thing which could have made it better is if they had played my favorite song Love Walks In. The outdoor revenues are much easier on the ears.  Kenny Wayne Shepherd was the opening act, he was great as well.  It's a nice spot along the water between New Jersey and Philadelphia.  You get a great view of Philadelphia's skyline from the location as well. Even if it is located in Camden which isn't exactly known as the safest city.  Then again is any where safe these days?

The man's mother came to visit over the weekend, so was in high gear trying to get house ready.  We also had a family bbq that kept me busy all week preparing and cooking.  The house is coming together but there is still work to do.  Oh yeah did I mention we found a few mice.  Yup walked into kitchen to find one running under stove, and another morning found a mouse walking on top of stove!  Nothing freaks out the man like mice. 

Exterminator said traps would just be a band aid as need to seal up the ways they are coming in.  Given the house is older it needs some filling, even the new renovated kitchen has few large holes....whomever built it didn't do a great job as they drilled too big of holes around pipes and wires.  Mice can fit into any opening 1/4" or larger.

I'm really beginning to think building a tiny home from scratch would be ideal.  There are so many building plans and specs available online makes it easier, finding the land to build on would be the hardest part.  Land around here isn't easy to find and comes with a hefty price tag.

Anyway, Friday we shopped for the bbq,  Saturday we enjoyed the bbq with family, eating lots of good food and playing some backyard games as well.  Sunday we did a little shopping with the man's mother and then spent the day relaxing.  Of course Saturday night at 3am I was awoke by vertigo. It's crazy but some of the worst vertigo attacks come in sleep, it's the worst.  There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it.  Tried taking some medicine but it took hours to kick in and basically just knocked me out.

Today involves cleaning house, yeah I know exciting.  There is still more work to be done setting up the office room and bedrooms.  Mounds of paperwork await my attention as well.  For now need to cook some dinner and get ready for the American Ninja finals in Vegas. Hoping that some one can complete the course this season!

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