Monday, August 24, 2015

Monday Musings

"When Heaven is about to confer a great office on any man, it first exercises his mind with suffering and his sinews and bones with toil."  ~Mencius

Today as I continued to unpack stuff found this quote packed away with office stuff.  It's amazing how random wisdom seems to pop up when we need it most.  Life has a way of sending us signs this I believe, yet how often do they go unnoticed.  How many of us are even open enough to understand them. And of course there are plenty of moments in life where fear, stubbornness, laziness or other such things prevent or keep us from listening to the signs we know to be true.

This Monday my thoughts seem to be in a deeper reflection state. The past months have been so busy with trying to find a new place to live, negotiations, packing, moving and now unpacking that I haven't had time to think all that much.  Well think in the way I do anyway.

The whole move is starting to set in.  I'm deeply missing our old home and all the neighborhood friends. Life feels lonely without those friends to talk and socialize with each day.  Think Cooper is missing his doggie friends as well.  I miss our little covered porch that we used to sit outside and enjoy nature on each morning.  And it's making me wonder why do things happen as they do.  Do things really happen for a reason?  If so what is the purpose of this move?  And what about the dizziness....

The whole dizziness thing has really taken a toll, as I've mentioned before it keeps me from doing things I want to do.  Not to many people can understand how hard it is to deal or live with. (including the man which makes it even harder)  It's one of those invisible illnesses where from the outside I look fine but on the inside can really be suffering. What possibly could be the reason for anyone having to physically or mentally suffer?  In my opinion, that's one of the biggest mysteries of life.

It was a very busy week, running errands, unpacking and setting up house is consuming all my time right now.  Friday I got a little break from it all as my niece had a jump rope performance.  She goes to a jump rope camp where they learn all kinds of cool jump roping techniques and tricks.  Few of the instructors who ran it were even on American's Got Talent.  The last day of camp involves a performance by all campers and the staff. 

So glad my sister asked me to go as it was spectacular. Had so much but I have to admit between all the movement, crowds and loud music it wasn't easy on the dizziness.  But that's my life now and accepting it is hard, yet I'm tired of it preventing me from doing what I want.  Feel grateful for even being able to be there and be part of something so fun. Afterwards we went out to a great lunch and spent time hanging out at our house.

The man and I followed the great day by walking over to the local mall that is now two minutes from our house.(not good for a shopper addict like myself) ha  We grabbed some dinner, walked around the mall and then got some delicious frozen yogurt to take home.  Walking around the mall wasn't easy after such a busy, high stimulus day as the dizziness stuff had my balance all messed up but I grabbed the man's hand and tried to enjoy every minute of being out together!

Saturday my sister brought over an extra bed that they no longer needed.  So now we have a nice queen bed for our guest bedroom.  Feel free friends to come visit us now.  :)   I felt awful in the morning had a lot of dizziness issues, even a headache so basically just took it easy.  We had a handyman working here later on.  So we just ordered in and caught up on some tv.

Sunday we had a doggie play day with Cooper's friend MacTavish.  It's a little bit of a drive but worth it as MacTavish has a lovely house and it's always fun to watch them run around.  MacTavish's pool was open, it was first time Cooper's seen it uncovered.  Well he basically spent most of the afternoon barking at the water.  The way he stretched his body cautiously to smell the water was so cute. We dipped him in a few times but each time he doggie paddled to steps and hopped out.  But he kept coming right back to the water's edge. 

Cooper had a crazy moment as well that surprised us all. MacTavish was chasing Cooper through the house when all of a sudden then came racing towards us and next thing you know Cooper was air born flying through screen door!  Everyone sat stunned just looking at the screen flapping in the wind as even Cooper seemed stunned.  Guess they were running so hard and in the moment forget there was a screen there.  At least it was a screen and not the glass part.  It was one of those moments that was both funny and scary.  By the time we got home everyone was exhausted and spent the afternoon napping.

Today it's back to setting up things, the office is the main focus.  The other day I bought brackets to hang curtains at Home Depot, well two ended up being defective.  And today another set of shelf brackets were as well.  It's really been a pain as I have to stop and go return the items, then hope the new ones aren't defective as well.  Wasted a lot of time due to faulty products, there is no such thing as quality control these days.  Especially given that everything is outsourced. No two items are every the same it seems.  It's crazy!

Need to go prepare dinner then settle in for some American Ninja Warrior. We enjoy the show and I would love to know how those athletes do what they do.  Those obstacles are tough and it's amazing to watch how people maneuver through the course.  I would love to be able to train for something like that.  Can't even imagine the grueling workouts it requires to obtain such stamina and strength. But I find it extremely entertaining, not to mention that kind of athleticism is hot!

Anyway a highlight of the weekend.  :)

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