Monday, August 17, 2015

Monday Musings

The heat is back, and it's hot!  The ac window unit is so loud even on low that it makes for restless sleep probably why I was awake at 5am this morning. My brain dislikes loud noises, in fact it makes the dizziness worse.  Of course once awaken my mind starts pondering the deepest things in those wee hours of the morning, making it even harder to get back to sleep

The new house does not have central air, hat's the downside to many older homes. But I'm learning it's an essential with summers that seem to get only more hot and humid.  Think it's a must have in the next house.  This house has some odd windows and lacks electrical sockets making even window units difficult.  So I'm sweating it out at the moment.  Our other house stayed a lot cooler probably because of the wrap around porch and it had more windows. This one seems to heat up quickly which is making me who usually loves summer's heat hoping it cools down soon.

Fact is I'm really missing our old home and neighborhood.  Not even just a little, a lot!  Our previous neighborhood was very friendly and active, everyone was outside.  Here it seems like no one is ever around which feels rather lonely.  In this new neighborhood there seems like a lot more elderly. Right now I'm trying to convince myself to try to stick it out for at least a year.  Meanwhile I need to ask and will the universe to send me a winning lottery ticket this year!  ; )

My sister and her family just got back from a week at the beach.  I'm jealous as we haven't been on a  vacation in awhile,besides an occasional day at the beach and every year I crave it more.  The man doesn't have the same love for the beach.  He has to vacation at fancy Caribbean beaches but me I prefer any small beach town. In fact, I enjoy the local beach towns of New Jersey just as much the exotic ones of other countries.

After she learned of my first love the blonde lifeguard/surfer guy from when I was younger, they decided it would be funny to send me photos of the blonde lifeguards at the beach. Got to love my niece and sister. Took me back to my twenties for sure.  Oh heck who am I kidding still a sucker for a blue eyed, blonde surfer type with a body that looks like Kelly Slater's.  That may just be one of my weaknesses. haha

My niece had her first surf lesson, which my sister taped.  She is seriously a natural born surfer. So I'm trying to convince them we all need to move to a small beach town.  She's not content to just sit on the beach she loves to be in the water as well. 

There are some nice beach towns only 1-2 hours from here. Granted they might not have the perfect weather like my former beach town of San Diego.  Honestly would still be living in San Diego had I been able to convince family too join me.  Hence why I'm working hard to convince family we need to all move to a beach town together now. 

The east coast is filled with little beach towns, though the prices of houses in some of them may be a little high depending on location.  Not as many people live year round in such towns so makes good jobs harder to come by in such places. Anyway....

The dizziness has been flaring up the past few days, probably a combination of stress, hormones, weather, looking at my phone too much and going off the migraine diet a little. That combination will do it for sure. 

It was a busy week filled with unpacking everything and even putting together furniture.  I bought a console type table to match our kitchen table.  After putting it 80% together realized it was damaged and missing piecing.  Had to take the thing apart, rebox it and prepare it for fedex to pick up. Given that it weighs 75 lbs it was no easy fete. Lets remember I'm only 98 lbs.  They shipped me
out another one but after putting it together I'm pretty sure it's too small for the room.  Like the look of it but compared to the table it looks small.  But the thought of taking it apart make think it might just have to do for now.

This weekend was another low key one, dare I say boring at points.  Just cannot convince the man to leave the couch lately.  He insists nothing is wrong that he is just feeling tired.  Like I say he is a lot more low energy to begin with.  Combine that with his quietness and it's enough to drive me crazy.  I'm learning to just create my own fun without him. If he doesn't get it together soon though
he may find I've run off into the sunset in my fun quest. Truly laughing out loud now.  ; )

Saturday my mother and I went shopping then out for a nice lunch.  She is
more fun than the man.  We usually have at least a few good laughs and stories to tell on our adventures together!

Today was a bit of a clean up day, followed by bath for Cooper, errands and even a doctors appointment. So now on this very hot, steamy day think it's time to relax a little. And here's Sea Girt the beach town where I plan on buying a house when I win the lottery or sell one of my paintings for a million. It's the first beach I took Angel to, so a part of her will always be there too.

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