Monday, August 10, 2015

Monday Musings

So it's official we are moved into new house.  For the past three weeks I've been physically working my ass off. Though I don't have much of one to begin with so all this work may just shrink it even more. ha Very thankful for the help of my family too, as they went above and beyond.

The house is a cape cod style with a kitchen three times the size of our other house.  The house needs some touch ups here and there.  Gave the rooms a new fresh color of paint, patched up some holes and have a little outdoor work as well.  Older homes tend to come with a bit more work so there's no time to rest just yet.

Meanwhile the man took off three days to help but he really only needed one. The first day he seemed to do more (probably because his main concern was getting the TV hooked up....imagine that) but after TV was set up he pretty much assumed his couch ways. 

Friday while I'm doing a variety of different things, and my dad is helping finish up painting, the man scheduled a two hour sports call. Then spent another two hrs on phone with Comcast. Think every time I walked by he was either watching tv or staring at phone. After pretty much the same on Saturday I was ready to toss him and the phone out with the boxes. ha

Relationships are a lot like accounting you have to maintain healthy balances to sustain. When negatives start to outweigh positives something has to give.  Simple things like turning off tv, ungluing from phone and being present help.  Beginning to believe that there are 80 year olds who are more fun and energetic then him. Sorry but true.  Think phones and social media have destroyed real social interaction for many.  Anyway....

Moving has consumed so much of my time these past few weeks that my routine has really gotten thrown off.  And living amongst an unorganized mess is driving me crazy.  Haven't done yoga either, which is interesting because I really notice a difference and miss it.  But when there's a million things that need to get done I would rather tackle them first. Maybe that's my type A personality but I simply cannot relax knowing things need to get done.

Right now I have quite a growing list too!  And feeling tired just trying to write this so I'm calling it a night for now.


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