Monday, August 3, 2015

Monday Musings

Hot and sometimes humid describes the weather here.  This summer has been warmer than last year.

So I'm feeling just plain exhausted.  Between packing, painting, moving, unpacking.... it felt like a very long week.  And another one ahead. 

I'm thankful for my family who stepped right up to help.  My sister came over Friday, her and I loaded a trailer full of all the boxes I had packed, smaller furniture and clothing.  Then her and my brother law, plus my parents came back over Saturday to unpack it all at the house.  Sunday me, the man and my dad painted walls while my mother wiped and lined closets for us. 

Moving, packing, painting....they are rather strenuous work.  If your not in shape they quickly make you realize just how out of shape you are.  There is nothing on me that doesn't feel sore right now.  And there are still so many boxes that need to be unpacked and a bedroom that needs to be painted.  The thought of painting another room has me thinking a tiny house might just be the way to go.  There is just no way around it moving sucks.

We have movers coming to move the heavy furniture.  But I'd like to hire people to pack/unpack all the other stuff.  As I'm completely spent and can't imagine having to do this again in a few years.

The most surprisingly aspect of it all, the man picked up a roller and painted.  Hold on people there may be a massive worldwide earthquake or blizzard.  He admits he would much prefer to lounge on the couch than do such work, but he did it.  Yes he complained about a few things here and there but overall he did what needed to be done. 

Meanwhile I'm too busy and tired to feel sad, but the emotions are there.  A few neighbors have stopped by to wish us well, few tearing up which really brought the emotions out in me as well.  Good neighbors can be hard to find and we have some great ones.  Going to miss them all so much.  Cooper is going to miss all his doggie friends too.  I made doggie treat bags up which included our new information plus photos of Cooper and each friend. We really hope they can come over for doggie playdates.

It's crazy but over the years I fell in love with this cute cottage house of ours, it truly felt home.  Now leaving it feels like a bad breakup and so hard to let go of.  But they say things happen for reasons so maybe there is a reason? 

I've moved so many times, including long hauls across cross country. While I enjoy the adventure of it all, I long for a more permanent place to call home.  Maybe that's what makes this move so very hard because I know in a few more years we will have to move again.  Hoping by then we can finally just buy something and make permanent roots somewhere.

Anyway I'm so exhausted think the words are going to turn into babbling soon, so time to try to relax.  Even though I don't think relax is in the forecast just yet.  Photos will have to wait until later.

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