Monday, July 6, 2015

Monday Musings

You won't often hear me say this but today I feel like just spending the day in bed.  Think that's what happens when you reach your breaking point with stress.  Though for the most part been too busy, including a yoga session and meditation. Find making time for prayer equally important, in fact when I don't it feels like something is off. 

Even though my prayers as of late feel like they are left unanswered I continue to pray hoping God has some insight and maybe even a better plan.  I could really use some guidance in all areas of life right now.  Overall feel like I'm floundering trying to find my way if that makes any sense.  Maybe the subtle signs are there but I'm just too doubting or stubborn to understand them?  Who knows but feel like I need the skies to part and the answers to be flashed right in front of me.

The week was rather busy.  My niece came for a sleepover Friday night.  How refreshing it felt to have her energy around.  She is a bundle of fun energy.  She loves do things, keep busy and basically lives life to the fullest.  I can relate to her kind of energy, unlike the man who is very low energy. We went out to her favorite restaurant Applebees for dinner than came home and played some basketball out on the driveway.  Followed by smores for dessert. 

The man played hoops with us Friday, though Saturday morning he was in a rather low energy, cranky mood. He didn't want to do anything but watch t/stare at his phone. Think my niece was bummed because she really likes to play wii with him, in fact she brings games just for him and looks forward to it.  I actually sent him a text telling him to snap out of his mood. Seriously think men experience pms too.

Back to my niece she actually slept until 9am, which for her is sleeping in.  Made some breakfast, played some board games, walked Cooper and then I treated her to a mini spa. Washed her hair with strawberry shampoo, followed by grape conditioner, then blew dry her long hair and applied some light make up.  She loves experimenting with makeup, what little girl doesn't.  She looked absolutely beautiful.  After that we headed to my sister's house, her parents, for a Fourth of July party.  Where of course we played more!

Cooper was wired because of the fireworks which are technically illegal here yet they sell them in every store and parking lot around.  The neighborhood ones starting going off at 8 and didn't stop until wee morning hours.  It drives me crazy, yeah I know it's a holiday but why can't people be more considerate of others around them.  Not everyone, including dogs and military veterans like missile sounding fireworks going off for hours.  Not to mention the mess it leaves.  Why can't everyone just got to the big city run fireworks and be happy.  :)

Sunday I over did it physically.  Washed my car, or more like deep cleaned it.  Scrubbing every little nook and cranny until it was sparkling.  Then when I came inside ended up vacuuming and mopping house, bathing Cooper and doing many loads of wash. Come evening my heart was experiencing palpitations, a combination of too much physical work combined with hormones.  My hormones during the pms phase can set off my heart like that sometimes.  Amazing how there are no quick fixes for pms induced symptoms.  If men had it I'm sure there would be cures by now.

Speaking of the man his couch potato ways drive me crazy. When we both worked I did all work around house plus taking care of dog and any problems, when he had off for two years I still did it all. He should have been born rich so he could pay others to do any work. Asking him for help isn't worth the attitude half the time.  I'd rather just ask family or neighbors who want to help. Anyway....

Which is why I admire my family even more now.  Growing up and still to this day they are the hardest workers I know.  They work over 40+ hours a week, rarely take sick days, always do their own house and yard work, they are constantly doing something and rarely just lay on the couch to veg out.  They are doers and movers who also enjoy doing fun things together as well.  Their kind, compassionate, honest, understanding and loving people who are always willing to help others. Sometimes we don't realize how special our families are until we experience others way of living.

That's my musing for this Monday.  Along with these words of wisdom....we are never too old to play. Play adds a bit of happiness to life.  Happiness is riding a kids, pink barbie atv with your niece and giggling the whole time! (may actually have to invest in one as on those dizzy days where it's hard to walk this might come in handy for walking Cooper, maybe even attach a side car for him) 

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