Monday, July 27, 2015

Monday Musings

After a few nice, perfect summer days the heat is apparently making it's way back.  Though the humidity may create a stale air feeling it is good for the skin. :)

This Monday I'm feeling stressed, seem to be writing that too much lately.  I keep referring back to my soul sunday posts for some inspiration because right now need it. Though this morning while out walking Cooper was yet again reminded of the beauty and inspiration of nature as I watched a Robin feed it's babies. And then a hummingbird flew around us. It was awesome! 

I find that being out in nature recharges and revitalizes my soul.  It gives me hope and inspiration.  

 In just about a week we are officially moving to our new home.  Talk about feeling an array of emotions. Maybe I say this too much but it feels so bittersweet and just don't want to move.  It's like maybe if I keep saying it we won't have to move, even though I know that's not true. Of all the places I have lived, and there have been a lot, this feels most like home to me. Just feel so sad that I have to leave our charming little cottage house. I'm having the hardest time accepting it. (have that sad feeling in the pit of my stomach)

Right now packing seems to be consuming my time.  Spent about everyday last week packing rooms up.  The week before involved going through stuff.  I've got a good portion of every room packed, no thanks to the man though.  He is making things harder than necessary. Plus he can't seem to understand how truly hard it is for me to leave this house I love so much.  Not sure he ever develops truly deep connections to things, which makes it easier for him to just let go. But a little compassion and understanding from him would help.

Overall he is pretty much handling it like he handles everything else, watching tv.  He may have packed one box so far, the tv stuff....imagine that. Oh and he did finally give me a bag of clothes to donate. Basically he spent the weekend on the couch, watching tv.  Our move before this was a disaster because he waited until the day of the move to pack his stuff, so I've been bugging him to not procrastinate this time round. 

Lately he reminds me of one of those depression commercials he just stares at tv or phone not interested in doing much.  Even asked him if he might be depressed as I worry, he looks more disheveled and just seems rather checked out. Plus he's been having a lot of stomach issues. He tends to forget more easily too, for instance he got upset last night over his missing retainer.

Long story short....about two weeks ago he soaked it in mouthwash then inserted it next day before work. That's the last I saw him with it.  The guy who keeps it wrapped in a napkin in his pockets, instead of in its container, thinks I some how know where it is. It's stuff like that which drives me crazy as he says/does things he doesn't remember then denies or blames others. Sometimes wonder what others think when they read this stuff.  They probably just wonder why. Definitely chuckling a little as I even write that. Anyway....

So my mother stepped in and helped me run some errands, it's always so much more fun to have a partner in crime to do errands with!  It's great to get opinions and bounce ideas off of others.  Nothing more refreshing than a good honest opinion.

 Moving into this new house comes with a lot of added costs that just wasn't expecting.  In fact, I'm concerned that we are stretching our budget too far.  Honestly there's a lot playing into the stress I feel right now, it's coming from all areas.

At this point in my life I really only want to surround myself with things I love because life just seems too short for anything else. Which could be a huge factor in the way I feel because I like this new house but don't love it.

Ahhhhh.....if I could only figure out how to accept and handle change better.  As I get older change feels harder, even though sometimes I realize changes should be made seem to refrain from making them.  Why, well I'd probably say because of the fear of the unknown and risks that may come with change.  Then again we can't grow into who we are suppose to be if we aren't willing to risk making changes.  So I suppose it's one of those double edge sword type deals.

Think I need to go back outside and watch that Robin's nest a little more.  It's a good reminder of what's important in life and what's not.

Little Cooper and I had some fun this weekend, we took some walks and saw our doggie friends. Picked up some shortbread Scottie cookies which he tried to help himself to.  Here's one of me grilling some dinner Saturday night, felt a little bored so took a selfie. ha  Of course Cooper and I have to enjoy every moment of our lovely porch while we have it, so here's one of us doing just that!

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