Monday, July 20, 2015

Monday Musings

Sweltering is a good way to describe yesterday and today.  After a few days of perfect summer weather the hot stuff is here again.  Yesterday was 99, today 95....combine that with humidity and were talking feel like temperatures above 100. When it becomes this hot and humid the air feels like a hot house, hard to breath and any moment created beads of sweat.

Friday we laid low, order in and watched a few favorite tv shows.  Saturday we took Cooper to the park for the first time.  He was so excited basically ran around trying to smell and check out everything.  We basically just tried to keep up which is no easy task.  Afterwards we were all heat beat so got some Rita's water ice to cool off.  Though we gave him a little water ice he actually wasn't that interested....had a few licks and just left it. ha  That's my little man he only seems to prefer food that has been warmed. He's not spoiled or anything.  :)  Saturday night just settled in for a movie, though Horrible Bosses 2 wasn't nearly as good as the first and I ended up falling asleep.  Sunday spent the day running some errands with my mother, and started packing up some stuff.

The man actually seemed in much better spirits this weekend. Like I said before swear men experience pms too as they can be just as moody as men say women are.  Take that men. ; )

Speaking of packing we have found a house.  It's not nearly as charming as our current one, I'd say we both like it as opposed to loving it.  But at this point we are running out of time so just had to go with the one that felt most at home, was in our budget and area we preferred.  This new house is only about 10 minutes from where we are now.  Though crossing our fingers as we still have to work out a lot of the fine details. 

Not even prepared to talk about moving yet as I'm so upset with having to leave this house that I not only love but have grown to call home.  Leaving this charming house, the great neighbors and area feels rather heart wrenching, like a break up of sorts. Besides there is nothing fun about moving process either, not to mention moving companies are way more expensive than I ever imagined. 

Today I came across this great article (just click on link to read it) with regards to hourly wages needed to rent a two bedroom apartment in every US state.  It's extremely enlightening, only wish there was a way to find affordable, nice housing for all those who need it.  Reality is as housing and rental prices go up, the average American salaries are not....making it harder and harder to obtain affordable housing. 

On another note, my little man Cooper appears to be developing allergies just like his sister had.  Westies are know for allergy and skin issues but we were really hoping Cooper would be one of the lucky ones unfortunately he has begun chewing his hips and paws to the point he has no fur.  We will start off with some basic antihistamines, special shampoos and diets.  Really worried as his sister had allergies so bad that she had to be on strong medicine that caused other side effects. Praying for our little guy because allergies like this are never good at this early of an age.

Today the man is working from home this afternoon though it's just because the British Open went an extra day due to weather.  Who takes off to watch golf, maybe to play but watch?  In my opinion it's a wasted day.  Wish he would take off a day to go to the beach or do something fun, but to sit home watching sports seems crazy. It takes his sport obsession to the next level! ha

The man actually seemed in much better spirits this weekend.  Though maybe it's because he gets so excited about these sporting championship events. His whole persona changes when he's excited about a game/sporting event, literally he's like a little kid giddy with excitement. 

Meanwhile the garden veggies are enjoying the heat, watering twice a day in this kind of heat is often necessary for container gardens because the water evaporates much more quickly than if planted in the ground.  Though still having issues with powdery mildew forming on the squash and even cumber leaves.  And I don't even water at night, only morning usually. Tried a milk and water mixture that I found on pinterest but not sure it's working as I've sprayed twice so far but the leaves still seem to be having issues. But the actual cucumbers have been delicious.  The peppers and tomatoes seem to be taking longer to grow and ripen this year but not sure why.

Here's a photo from Cooper's first park day!

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