Monday, July 13, 2015

Monday Musings

This Monday after a rather boring weekend, I'm feeling the need for speed! Any guesses as to what movie that comes from?  Come on., take a guess....

Top Gun of course.  Remember the days when Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer were looking buff and hot?  Though even after all these years Cruise still looks rather buff.  That was a great movie, had little bit of everything to offer....action and romance, not to mention set in one of my favorite cities. Imagine being a fighter pilot?  It must be fabulous to have that type of body that can handle that kind of g force. I can't even go on a amusement ride without feeling dizzy.  Okay back to reality.

We talked about going to see a local magic show my friends sister was in, also tossed around idea of going to blueberry festival....but when it came down to it the man just didn't want to leave the couch nor tv.  Yup forget blueberry festival he could not miss watching Wimbledon. Which of course gets be rivaled up because if there is something fun to do, why not do it?  Watching tv all the time drives me crazy, especially since too much just makes the dizziness worse.

That's the thing if it wasn't for the dizziness I'd just go myself.  For instance a friend flew into North Jersey to celebrate her 40th but I could not make it because the dizziness keeps me from driving long distances. And getting trains from place to places isn't exactly a piece of cake nor cheap. So there are really two key pieces that play into my complaining about being bored.....the dizziness and the couch potato man. ha I'm laughing just writing that as my life seems absurd at times.

The girl who used to drive on cross country trips, travel constantly, weekends were full of fun adventures and things has become some what of a homebody due to life circumstances that are half out of my control. It's nuts!  I read posts on social media by other high energy friends and their partners in crime, who are always busy doing something and think that used to be me. 

That's the thing being high energy I like to keep busy, like to do things and get easily bored just sitting around.  But the man is opposite he has low energy, much more content to sit home watching tv.  Even when I have lousy dizzy days and have no choice but to lay around find it hard as feel bored, instead of watching tv or reading social media much rather be out living life, creating fun!

Especially in summer I just want to be outside doing things, or going to the shore on weekends. In our area of Philadelphia a lot of people choose to spend their weekends at the beach, New Jersey is only about a hour half to two hour drive. As kids we grew up vacationing there, it holds rather fond and fun memories. Anyway...

Lately with all the computer work I've had to do, plus stress the dizziness and associated symptoms have really been flaring up.  It's so hard to have to deal with, almost impossible to put into words. I put on a good face but let me tell you some days are a struggle.  I'm trying hard to do all the things the specialist suggested but it takes time and adding things little by little.  Life. It can feel hard some days. And just as I write that a beautiful yellow butterfly flew by....yup life has a beauty all her own but sometimes you just have to look and be open to it.  :)

On that note it's time to get busy doing the list I just wrote.  But first need to go smell the flowers to remind myself  how beautiful things can come from small seeds planted in darkness.  Just got to have faith right?

Cooper reminds me all the time.  He's the first one to smell the freshly picked flowers!

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