Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Exercise and Healthy Living

That's what I like to remind myself these days.

During high school years I always tried to work out after school, not to lose weight but to be healthy and also burn off my excess energy. Even thought weight lifting would help put muscle on my skinny frame.  It's something I tried to continue during the college years as well.  Though often had to take breaks from it too, as all the walking and fast paced life of college caused my high metabolism and hyper self to lose weight.

Once I was in my mid twenties though picked back up the routine, in fact even used to get up early before work to exercise. When I lived in San Diego,with the nice weather year round, used to get up at around 6am to take bike roads around town. The quiet and peace at that hour of the morning was so refreshing.  Even started seriously running a lot as well. Running felt good, especially when you have a lot of energy pent up as it releases all the stress of a day.

Exercise whether it be biking, dance, lifting weights, running or walking always felt so good.  There is truth to that whole endorphin rush thing.  Like I mentioned exercise was something basically used to try to get healthy, burn off my excess nergy and relieve stress.  And for all those things it helped.

It was only in the later thirties that I stopped exercising on a daily routine basis, mainly because of issues with the dizziness and also life just seemed to get in the way.  It also didn't help that the man isn't that athletic, while he used to be when he was young he is not now.  Working out to him consists of changing the tv remote. His lifestyle isn't exactly healthy.  And it probably wore off on me as well.

Something I'm not exactly used to.  Usually in the past any guy I dated was active, athletic, outdoorsy and most led healthy lifestyles.  In my younger years I dated my fair share of athletic and fit guys....an Olympian, college football player, surfer, beach volleyball player, etc.  Which is good because it kept me on my toes and cultivated a healthy lifestyle.  So the fact that the man isn't very fit seems almost strange.

After much discussion with specialists regarding the dizziness and other physical ailments I experience, they basically came to the conclusion that implementing exercise back into my life was very important.  Lets face it sitting around is not healthy for anyone.  The doctors feel it's important to work on building balance, endurance and strength. But nothing too strenuous.  So walking, badminton, biking, free weights, tai chi and certain forms of yoga have all been suggested.  Including eating a healthy diet, taking some suggested supplements as well.

Only wish I could get the man on board too.  At least get him to walk with me a few times a week.  When we got Cooper figured we would go on daily walks but the man says hes too tired or needs to rest.  When exercising and creating a healthy lifestyle it goes a long way if those we live with or are around frequently are on the same page as us.  Plus it's nice to have a partner to work out with, and of course a nice body as a result of exercise is always great to look at too.  :)

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