Thursday, July 23, 2015


We happen to be fascinated with the show Tiny House Nation and Tiny House Hunting on the FYI channel.  How anyone downsizes enough to fit in a 300 sq foot home is amazing.  While watching the show I find myself contemplating could we do it too? 

We currently live in a small Cape Cod style home, about 1334 sq ft, and though we have decent closets considering this house was built in 1920 we still find ourselves complaining we need walk in closets.  Maybe we could downsize to the more spacious 800 sq ft tiny house they occasionally show but still think it would need a basement, which of course would be defeating the whole purpose right?

As we prepare to move we are trying to pair down and give away the stuff we don't use, wear or feel we need.  It's much harder than imagined.  There's always this nagging sense as I try to part with something that I may actually need it one day.  Then starts the back and forth contemplation as I try to decide to keep it or not. Maybe the wanting to keep everything comes from a fear of not having enough, in a sense a need to stock up on things now as maybe one day we won't be able to.

Even though more is not necessarily better. And lets face it things like clothing, furniture, d├ęcor, etc., eventually go out of style anyway. So it makes more sense to simply have a few pieces that can be occasionally updated. It would probably save more money as well.  Sometimes even having too many clothes makes it hard to decide what to wear anyway.

Literally feel like I should be saying "Hi my names Ann Michele I'm addicted to clothing, shoes, photo frames, plants and kitchen gadgets."  Thin is I've always had trouble finding clothing that fit and so when I find something tend to buy it in every color. After going through all my stuff think I may just be a t shirt addict as well, especially of white. :)

It's amazing how much stuff we collect over time.  I find a weird sense of security in the things I own, quite truthfully buying things I like makes me happy. (at least in that moment)  Though there are many things purchased years ago that still make me happy, so it's not always a fleeting feeling either.  Would like to think of myself as not materialistic yet after reading that statement it might appear in some ways I am. Which probably explains why downsizing feels harder than I thought.

Kudos to those people who just give all their stuff away, and sail off to explore the world.  That must be such a freeing feeling.

Came across this List of Things to Dispose Of   which says will take on average four months to accomplish.  Honestly not sure I could even do all those in four months, it might take me that long just to contemplate disposing of some of them. But I'm working hard to become better at this downsizing thing. Even surprising myself by some of the things I've given away.  Truth be told giving has its benefits too, as it feels good to give things to those who truly need them.

Our new house doesn't have a basement, only a storage shed outside so this will be a test of sorts.  You see basements are great for collecting and storing stuff so without one I will really have to make some tough decisions on what to keep and what to give away. As funny as it might sound I'm nervous not to have a basement.  Basements are great for storing stuff, in fact I was able to save money this move by storing boxes from last move down the basement.  So living without one should be interesting.

Maybe one day we will be able to live in a tiny house, or at least a smaller house. I love the outdoors so it would be great to have a tiny house in a small beach town or something like that.  Some place warm year round where we could spend more time outdoors and less stuck inside. That might be a good incentive to downsize to a tiny home.

Then again my need for space, and feeling rather claustrophobic when it comes to small spaces might stand in the way.  As honestly I like airy, spacious rooms with lots of windows. I'd rather a house with some extra rooms for not only guests but for each of us when we feel the need for alone time or space which is important too.

For now though I will continue to try to pair down, to buy less and live with less. Think I'd rather spend more time creating memories with the people I love, seeing and traveling to new places, doing fun things, exploring the outdoors, and so on....than buying things I don't really need.

Because lets get real how many t shirts does one girl really need. There are over a 100 t shirts between short and long sleeve.  They literally have to be squished to even fit in closet, talk about wrinkled. ha 

But going through all our stuff has made me think that maybe less truly is more.  Quite frankly more seems just overwhelming!

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