Monday, June 8, 2015

Monday Musings

The weather has been all over the place one day it's cool and cloudy the next sunny and warm.  
Meanwhile the dizziness continues to kick my butt it was another rather rough week that once again held me back from accomplishing what I needed to. Just seemed like more dizzy spells and feelings of pressure in my head that this point are driving me crazy.
Friday was spent just chilling out at home. Saturday we went to the Phillies bs Giants game. Overall though the game was fun and rather exciting as we went from a rain delay to bright sun, a man behind us proposed, so the grand slam and even had a caricature portrait done. Though the emergence of bright sun did take a toll on the dizziness so last two innings had to seek shade. 
Sunday I spent the afternoon running errands with my mother which is always fun. Plus it's nice to have the help and running errands as well.
Even through all that though I'm still really not feeling up to par. Saturday and even Sunday I started feeling better but by Sunday night the dizziness seem very prominent again. 
I'm really not sure what to do at this point but I started new regimen which includes implementing a very strict migraine diet that John Hopkins recommended along with supplements as well. Fact of the matter is there are so many things that can influence migraines especially vertigous migraines that it makes it that much harder.
Today was spent doing an overall major cleaning of the house including bathing Cooper and in changing the sheets. Probably did a little too much but quite frankly I'm tired of just sitting on the couch.  I'm actually writing this using the voice microphone on my iphone in notes so as to not spend too much time on computer.
There are strong storms headed this way, tornado watches have even been posted.  The wind has been gusty and strong all day, so it's a little scary to think such storms are showing up on radar. Hoping everyone stays safe.
Here's the caricature from the baseball game, she even added Cooper and think she captured our little guy perfectly!

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