Monday, June 22, 2015

Monday Musings

Hot, humid, stormy that's been the weather here in Philadelphia recently.  But can't complain as the heat feels good after the very, long cold winter.  It's so nice to not walk around shivering.

Pretty much over the last two weeks the man and I have been laying rather low.  He had two weekends to just rest, something he loves to do.  He's been very tired lately, not even having enough energy to go on walks with Cooper and I.  Not sure if it's just the toll of starting back to work for him and his body getting used to a schedule again. He spent close to two years sitting on the couch all day so think it's probably a shock to his body working 8 hour days again.

It was a busy week as far as the house search.  We toured five houses, yet every one of them had a little bit of a flaw or issue.  Whether it be not enough space, not a great neighborhood or other quirky things.  We have a decent amount of stuff, which I have tried very hard to reduce down to necessities at this point. But some of the places have odd layouts so they would not fit our large sectional couch, or my favorite kitchen table.

None felt like home to us which is a bummer because you want the place you are living to feel some what like home. They only left me feeling even more sad about having to leave our place which I love. There's a charm to our little cape cod house that makes me so happy. And love our neighbors especially the friendships Cooper and I have made along the way.  At this point I'd rather live with my family than settle for something.

Honestly we are not asking for a lot....3 bedroom, lots of windows/light, some charm, nice kitchen because we cook a lot, rooms that fit our furniture, good/safe neighborhood, porch or deck, yard for cooper and gardening. 

Sunday I went over my parents house to hang out with my family for father days. We had fun together.  We played bean bag toss, bocce and ran around playing with Cooper in my parents big, fenced in backyard.  Cooper was in his glory, he loves to be outside and getting to run around was like icing on the cake for him.  The festivities of the day were followed with a delicious dinner to complete a perfect day!

It was so nice to get out of the house.  Playing games and just being active felt refreshing. Love getting to spend time with my niece. Plus my parents have such a pretty and relaxing backyard too.

Since it was the  US Open golf tournament the man stayed home to watch it on tv. Have I mentioned he's an obsessed sports fan who loves the couch.  Just wish he would go on more walks with us as I worry about his health because of his couch habits.  And he wonders why he is always sore but sitting around all day will only contribute to it. Keep reminding him how he wanted a puppy, that he was ready for the work but one year later he still can't even commit to daily walks for the little guy.  Exactly why I say actions speak louder than words.  Anyone can say anything, but it's there actions that will show you who they are and if their word is good.

Meanwhile I've been on the migraine diet for two weeks now, it's a little hard but could we worse I guess. Avoiding cheese and lunch meat is a tad hard.  We went to order Chinese the other night but msg and soy sauce is to be avoided too, it was a little hard to find a dish without it. Seems like the things that add taste to the foods are the most restricted.  What works for migraines doesn't always work for vertigo migraines so it's all an experiment of sorts.

Today it's back to the grind.  Got lots to accomplish and am hoping the dizzy might step aside and let me do it.  The dizziness has really been getting in the way of things lately, not sure the man realizes how bad it's been flaring up.  He seems kind of clueless when it comes to the dizziness, not sure he truly realizes how it affects me. Does anyone though?  Not sure any of us can relate to how another feels unless of course we walked in their shoes, and then maybe we might all be more compassionate toward one another.

All right I need to get off the computer. 

Of course had to include a little something from our great family day!

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  1. I remember looking for my first house... and I was looking for one that just made me feel like it was my house. I totally get it.
    Cute pic of your family :)


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