Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Monday Musings

Though believe I'm a day behind, quite honestly right now I'm feeling years behind.

The weather is blasting us with heat and humidity.  Dew points are above 70 which if you know anything about weather is down right soupy.  When it gets this humid it becomes almost impossible not to put the ac on.

Still cannot be on the computer for long at all, hence my scattered posts here and there.  The thing that upsets me the most is I've missed Woof Wednesday posts, those are the ones that mean the most because finding shelter dogs is so important to me. So when I can't be on the computer to do those I feel frustrated and upset.

This dizziness is kicking my butt, I'm trying my best to stay calm but it's very hard at this point.  Seriously one attack of vertigo leaves me with a chronic dizziness and head pressure that is extremely hard to even put into words. Being a woman doesn't help as the hormonal changes wreck havoc on my body, making the dizziness worse.

My hair was in desperate need to be highlight and colored, when the girl who does my hair called to say she had a cancellation I decided to take the chance.  She has a studio in her home.  So I don't have to bend my head back in those washing tubs she normally cuts my hair dry, foils it, then I go home to let it sit for the amount of time it needs and wash it out in my shower.  Just another example of the affects the dizziness has on my life.

Usually I'm okay but since the dizziness has been flaring it was tough.  Of course we forgot the motion factor, when she spun the chair around to do the other side it brought on not only dizziness and nausea which took a little bit to calm down.  My head felt like it was going to explode.  Not the best experience that's for sure but at least it got done. Got to focus on the little positives.

I mentioned in a previous post praying a 9 day novena to Saint Jude in hopes of being healed. He is the patron saint of desperate cases. So far haven't seen the miraculous results I had hoped for or that many say they experience by the 8th day of the novena.  But who am I to judge as maybe this is all part of a large plan that I just don't understand yet. 

All I know is this....I just want to be cured and healed of all the dizziness and physical ailments that seem to plague me. So I'm putting this out to the universe, to God, Saint Jude and whomever else can help.....please heal me so that I may live life to the fullest and help others, including saving as many animals as I can.  :)

On the home front it was a quiet weekend.  The man wanted to just relax and rest.  So I did some outdoor gardening work, and also tried to work more on cleaning up the basement.  Organizing and getting rid of stuff one doesn't use is tough.  I'm the type that likes to hold onto things because hey you may never know when you need them.  Seems like whenever I get rid of something few months later I could have used it. But having said that I have gotten rid of a lot.  Watching Tiny House nation on Fyi channel is helping as I do find life does feel simpler with less stuff around.

Lately the man has been back to using work as his excuse but quite frankly he was off for two years and still had excuses then too.  Like I always say people find time for the things they really care about, want to do or deem important.  The man gets more down time and rest at 39 than my parents do at 68.  Sometimes I think if he did a little more he might feel more energized as the couch can be a trap once you start lounging it's hard to get motivated. And tv, computers and smart phones don't help these days. Sitting around all the time just isn't good for any of us nor our bodies. Anyway....

Been trying to enjoy the porch as it happens to be one of my favorite things about this house, and I'm going to miss it a lot when we have to leave.  So Cooper and I have been sitting out enjoying it and nature together. The man isn't much of an outdoor type, no matter the season he pretty much just prefers the couch. ha  Sometimes to fancy me he will come outside and join us but not nearly as much as we would like. 

And before over doing it on the computer I better just leave it at what I wrote. 

It was hard trying to get a photo of the both of  us so here's my little man on the porch, he's always reminding me to smell the flowers. 

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