Monday, June 1, 2015

Monday Musings

The weather has been up and down.  Sweltering summer like temperatures, then cooler Spring like temperatures.   Today is stormy with rain.  But some times that's okay, as the water is much needed and cloudy days feel more conducive to relaxing. 

It reminds me of life, which feels up and down lately. After that dizzy spell a week ago my head hasn't felt the same, for some reason my brain has a hard time compensating after these attacks.

Memorial Day weekend was a blur of ups and downs.  Saturday we spent looking at another house which lead to a disagreement, the day wasn't the best.  Than Sunday we had a great day....golfing on a warm, sunny day.  Followed by a nice dinner at home, but then come evening the dizzy spell hit.  Which lead me to spend most of Monday doing nothing.  After that pretty much everything felt hard last week, especially not being able to run errands or get good sleep.  It was one of those feel sorry for myself type weeks, ever have those? haha

As we head into June we are still no closer to finding a home.  The house hunting process has brought some disagreement.  The man is very much like his mother at times as he isn't able to accept or try to understand other's points of views.  It's like all or nothing. What does it matter the reasons one doesn't like a place, if one doesn't feel comfortable or at home what would be the point of living there? 

There have been so many road blocks when it comes to houses.....not enough space, no basement, not pet friendly, requires ridiculously huge deposit, not in good neighborhood, extremely outdated/old for price, etc. Wish we had more options at this point as there just seems like too many limitations or roadblocks that we keep running into. And finding the houses to look at has been up to me.  It's been really stressful.

Meantime I'm trying to cope once again with dizzy spells.  Have a list of things I need to get done that keep getting pushed back.  Even missed my nieces last soft ball game because of it.  Have I mentioned despising the dizziness.  It's so frustrating, hard to even put into words.  I'm tired of it interfering with things I really want to do.

Not even sure the man or others close to me even realize how difficult it can be.  It would be awesome if the man were more game to running errands with me as some weeks I could really use extra help.  Dislike having to ask or bother others for help.  So try to put off the things I need to do until can do them myself but it's not always easy.  The main problem is doctors would prefer I not try to drive when the spells flare up, that's what makes things more difficult.

This weekend we laid low, tried to relax and did our food shopping.  The man grilled us a nice dinner Saturday.  And we got some quality time in with our little man. Daddy got him a doggie bagel Sunday, and we took him on a little bit of a longer walk which he seemed to love.  Cooper and Isat on the porch for awhile.  Love our porch it's my favorite part of this house, going to miss it so much when we have to move. 

That's my story this Monday.  And now I better get off the computer.  Photos will have to wait until later. :)

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