Thursday, May 21, 2015

Social Media and Life

Lately I'm wishing social media was never created and have this desire to go back to the good old
days where the people one was with were the ones that actually got their full attention. 

On the news  they said the average person looks at their phone 1,000 times a day?!  That sounds insane yet believable.  Try it, every time you look at your phone mark it down on paper and see how many times you actually check your phone in one day bet most would be surprised at the number.

It bothers me when I see people so glued to their phones they have no idea what is going on around them nor giving the people who are choosing to spend their time with them their attention.  I encounter this pretty much anytime I'm out whether it be shopping, at a restaurant, sporting event, driving, etc.  It's scary how obsessed people are with their phones. 

Not only that but phone obsessed people who cannot even drive without looking at their phones put us all at risk.  Driving while looking at a phone is dangerous no matter who one is. There is nothing on a phone that can't wait until one is safely home.  And if it can't wait then one should pull over and do it safely while stopped. 

 Even encounter it at home too, the man is obsessed with his phone and social media these days he literally cannot go 5 minutes without checking his facebook or twitter.  It's beyond annoying.  He's so distracted reading comments of people he doesn't even know that he barely hears me some nights.  It's no wonder he remembers little of what I tell him or even what he does.

The other night while watching his hockey team in the playoffs he literally spent more time tweeting or texting about the game than watching it. Didn't even hear me say that I was going upstairs.  Worries me if he checks it that much at work as he got warned in a previous job about texting during meetings, like who needs to do that anyway?  Get a grip, put down the phone.  But hey wouldn't want to miss someone updating they are drinking coffee. hahaha

Seriously is reading about other people's lives really all that exciting that social media sites have to be checked so frequently?  Honestly I only browse social media sites when I'm bored or looking to catch up on headline news.  Or maybe to share some photos with friends.  Try to limit it to a few times a day.  I'd rather give who ever I'm with my full attention than strangers who mean little to me.  Literally when I'm having fun or with someone I love could go all day and night without having to look at my phone. 

More and more it just seems like a waste of time, does anyone really care what we have to say on twitter or what we are posting about our lives on facebook?  Could that time not be better spent actually living life and creating real memories with the people who make the time to spend life with us.....

Quite frankly as time goes on I find myself becoming more disillusioned by the online world.  Just think it wastes so much.  How many of us watch people live life instead of living it ourselves.  Or spend endless wasted hours reading about others lives instead of focusing on making our own better. 

How many spouses, partners, friends, kids, family members get overlooked the attention and love they deserve because loved ones are to wrapped up on their phones with meaningless things. No wonder why people cheat, divorces are so prevalent and kids have problems because no one gives undivided, loving attention any more.  Everyone is to preoccupied with bogus, meaningless, mindless things.

One day people are going to wake up and realize just how many moments in life they missed out on because they were too busy staring at their phones.  Some day when this life is over some how I don't think people are going to wish they spent more time on their phones and social media.  They will probably look back and wonder why they wasted so much time.

What will it take for us all to wake up and realize that in the grand scheme of life phones and social media sites mean little, they seem more like silly distractions that keep us from living life to the fullest.  We basically read about moments instead of creating our own special moments with those who mean the most to us.

My advice to the phone addicted and obsessed, get off the phone and actually live life!  Lock it up, put it in your car, throw it out all whatever you have to do to become unglued and then start living in the moment with those who truly care about you!

Check out my man so busy tweeting he has no idea I'm even taking his photo, this is during his favorite teams playoff game.  He's so engrossed in that phone I could run around topless without him realizing it.  And he's only one of the millions, if not billions obsessed with their phones. 

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