Sunday, May 17, 2015

Monday Musings

The weather here has been muggy and warm.  Though more storms are supposedly going to cool things back to Spring like weather.  Though the warmth has felt good!

It was one of those weeks where the dizziness sidelined me.  In fact, didn't even get to write my Woof Wednesday post which is so important to me.  Basically had to avoid the computer, guess too much computer work was finally catching up.

Friday we did take out, tried to catch up on shows but we both ended up falling asleep.

Saturday involved doing stuff around the house, then we headed to the Phillies baseball game downtown. We had great seats 3 rows behind the opposing teams dugout.  What a night it turned into....three innings in a heavy storm hit, delaying the game for over a hour.  We moved under the concourse but it was so strong we still felt the storms effects.  And once the game resumed it was still going strong at 11:30pm.  Even though it was pretty late, afterwards we actually made a run to the popular cheesesteak place Gino's in South Philly to get a bite to eat. :)

Upon arriving home we found a couple parked in front of our house.  They didn't move when we arrived home.  They sat in their car into the wee hours of the morning.  Was going to call the police but eventually fell asleep and they were gone by the time we woke up.  But it was very strange.

Sunday we had a brunch at our house to celebrate Mother's day because we didn't get to do it last weekend.  Of course it's always fun to spend time with family, though it seemed to go way too fast before I knew it everyone was heading home.  Never feels like enough time with my niece.  Love her so much, at times feel like I'm missing so much but not getting to see her more often.

The man was exhausted after our Saturday night out as I knew he would be. He basically slept all day Sunday. He likes to think he can handle it but usually an adventure like that knocks him out.  He thinks he is a heavy weight but his body likes to tell him otherwise.

And that's about all I want to write as with the dizziness just can't be spending too much time on the computer.  Here are my favorite moments from the weekend....

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