Monday, May 11, 2015

Monday Musings

The summer like weather continues, with humidity rising and partly sunny skies.  Though the weather experts say more Spring like temperatures will be returning.  After the long, cold winter the heat feels good.

Overall the week was low key.  Spent a lot of time running errands, trying to find gifts my niece would love and also summer flowers.  Try as much as possible to avoid the crowds by shopping at off hours.  Think I was in and out of at least ten stores in two hours.

Friday was a bit disappointing as we were going continue our date streak by going to an arena football game, but the man got home later than expected and given Friday traffic didn't think we would make it downtown by the start.  So we sat home and watched the Rangers hockey playoff game. 

Of course another one of the man's team is in the playoffs.  The whole playoff beard drives me crazy.  It's one thing for the players to not shave but the fans....sorry but like my men clean shaven. I would not even like Beckham in a beard. ha  Playoffs basically mean every other night it takes over the tv for weeks. When it's not your team it's harder to get into.

Saturday we went to my niece's birthday party. Spending time with her is always great and refreshing.  Just love to listen to her talk and hear her thoughts.  The weather was perfect so that everyone could be outside. The fun part is watching her open her gifts which of course she waited all day for, imagine that kind of excited anticipation.  She genuinely seems to appreciate everything she is given, carefully appreciating each item after it's open.  Really wish the man and I could find a house a little closer to them.

Sunday we chilled, well the man did while I worked on packing up winter clothes.  Figure since we will be moving soon might as well pack some of the bulky winter items into a space bags.  Later in the afternoon we took Cooper for a nice walk.  Cooper bought me lovely flowers for mother's day.  He even wanted to carry them himself.  The little guy is very self sufficient. 

The man planned on cooking dinner but golf went into overtime which interfered with that.  Never met anyone as obsessed with sports than the man.  As I've said in the past it comes before everything, for him life revolves around sports schedules.  So I cooked dinner and he did the dishes.  Though he did get us water ices afterwards.

Last night was season finale of Revenge, it is last season of the show as well.  Though the storylines had become so fast moving the past few seasons they kind of ran out of places to go with it.  Wish they would have moved a little slower to really develop each storyline more.  The finale was great, it allowed fans a happy ending of sorts which is always nice.  It seems many of my favorite shows are starting to dwindle down.  Always hard to let a favorite show go, as sometimes they become a refreshing escape to the stresses of life.  :)

Today involves more cleaning out of the basement. Have to slowly get rid of things so there is enough room in the trash container.  Still have not found any new places to look at.  The housing market isn't good here right now as there is hardly anything available.  Usually this time of year the housing market is saturated with houses and rentals but not this year. 

Of course it has me stressed out.  The unknown will do that some times, especially when it comes to not knowing where we will be living in less than two months.  Literally we have about a month to find something. With no prospects on the horizon it really has me worried, not to mention analyzing finances. 

For a financial analyst sometimes I feel like the man doesn't take home finances seriously enough. Or face the reality of what needs to be paid off.  It's great that he doesn't stress but at same time he needs to take it a bit more serious. Really try to create a budget and stick to it until goals are reached. 

I continue to pray though. Let God guide us on the next step of the journey, trust that he knows best.  Hoping he can help us figure it all out.

Well back to work I go.  Of course not without sharing some photos from our lovely weekend.

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