Monday, May 4, 2015

Monday Musings

The weather has officially warmed up in fact temperatures are soaring into the eighties.  Bring on the warmth.

We took full advantage of the beautiful weather this weekend.  Windows were open, flowers and vegetables planted, walks with Cooper, anything to enjoy the beauty of nature. Though may have been a little itchy from all the pollen.  It's amazing the power of pollen.  Yet the warm air feels good it's hard not to open the windows. 

Saturday we laid low....did stuff around the house, watched sports and played with Cooper.  Saturday night we introduced Cooper to wiffle balls.  That was his sister's favorite toy, she could play for hours.  He loved it, of course a few tears flowed as well as it brought back all the memories of our little girl.  Even the way he was holding it in his mouth reminded me of her.

Sunday we went to a home and garden festival in Chestnut Hill.  It turned out to be a bigger event than we expected. Think the gorgeous weather brought even more people out.  There was a lot of unique items.  We bought a flameless candle that you fill with water to keep the scent strong, some birthday gifts for the niece and the man even bought me a beautiful turquoise ring!

Thanks to the man too because he is making an effort to do things. That means a lot to me.  He even  is enjoying himself too.  The little things in life really do mean so much.

Meanwhile the house search has reached a standstill.  We haven't seen any recent listings.  And I'm feeling rather worried.  I know it's important to remain positive but it's hard to do. Just not sure what we are going to do. Though I'm praying a lot these days, hoping a higher power can help and even guide us to the right place. 

Have a mid day doctor appointment, which kind of got in way of the errands planned. So think just going to enjoy this beautiful weather and be thankful for the abundant sunshine!

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