Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Masters

Golfing seems to have become a year round sport.  When it's cold in one continent play seems to move to a warm one.  With all the tournaments though The Masters is still my favorite.  The one I would really like to be able to attend in person too.

The course is beautiful during early Spring with the azaleas in full bloom. Temperatures just warm enough to enjoy being outside for the day. Ahhhh.....

And when it comes to the bigger golfing tournaments, like in other sports the man and I like to create pools and pick who we think is going to win.  When it comes to golf we usually each pick 7 golfers with top 5 scores counting.

It makes it more fun to watch, and of course one of us likes to think they are the expert sports picker when we win.  Lets just say I have won my fair share of picks, pools, fantasy teams and other such things.

Here are my picks for The Masters this year in no particular order.

Spieth, Day, Walker, Scott, Matsuyama, Phil and Stenson. (rounding out my top ten list was also Rose, Haas and Casey but since we pick 7 I had to eliminate 3)

The man's picks are as follows.

Mcilroy, Snedeker, Westwood, Watson, Johnson, Fowler, Cabrera

Let the best man or woman win! :)

And did I mention my favorite golfer just happens to be quite handsome too....


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