Monday, April 27, 2015

Monday Musings

While the temperatures are still below normal, they say it's going to warm up soon.  It really hasn't felt all that much like Spring, especially when I'm still wearing the parka some days. My neighbor informed me today it was coldest winter on record.  So much for global warming here. ha

Saturday we went to see another house but the man felt the price was too high given what the house actually had to offer.  Still cannot believe we didn't get the house with the deck that we both loved. Feeling stressed about the house situation as there just isn't much on the market in our budget range. 

Afterwards we went to a local art festival.  Luckily the sun came out so it made a chilly day feel warmer.  Come evening we snuggled in to watch a movie. 

Sunday we both felt exhausted, so it was a total chill out kind of day. Though we did take Cooper for a walk which made him really happy.

Meanwhile the man still needs to work on his communication skills as all too often when he doesn't want to deal with or discuss something he get silent.  Silent leads to nothing but more problems as resolutions or compromises are not effectually reached. Come on I don't have a psych degree for nothing! haha

Lowes, Walmart, Produce Junction, Petco, Michaels, Kmart, Ollies, Giant Gas just a few of the places on my list of errands.  It's amazing even with these so called mega stores one cannot find everything they are looking for.  And with the weather having been so cold this Spring even garden stores stock is rather low compared to other years.

Spent hours working in the office as well. The shredder is working overtime. ha  I've been cleaning major house around here! What's frustrating is the mail these days.  Apparently our Comcast payment got lost in the mail but question is where does lost mail go?  Reminds me of a Seinfeld episode where Newman hoarded all that mail for years.

On a completely different note, I must be affection starved or something as been having rather steamy dreams. Interesting some of the people that have appeared in them as well. Not like I mind as they are actually rather entertaining.  Though might be more fun if they were recreated in real life not just the dream. :)

Well been on the computer way too much lately.  Besides got to make some time to play with the little guy too.  He waits patiently all day to play or go for a walk. Got love him!

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