Monday, April 20, 2015

Monday Musings

The weather is back to extremes here, 80's one day 60's next.  Starting off Monday with heavy rain and possibility of storms. 

What a week. We had appointments scheduled to see a few houses.  The first went okay, it was nice but not a great neighborhood, most importantly it had hardly any windows so no light for all my plants.  The second appointment cancelled saying he decided to rent the house to his neighbor.

The third was a heartbreaker as we loved it.  Lots of windows, everything new, nice neighborhood would have been close to my sister, etc. When we left the woman said she was showing it Sunday but that it was more a formality as she liked us and had good vibe. We told her we were interested.  Then she contacts us Sunday to say she choose someone else. I was shocked.

Reason why...she liked all the people so she just drew names.  The excitement I felt about finding a place we liked quickly turned into disappointment.  As the man likes to say, guess it wasn't meant to be. Guess I got too excited as still feeling very disappointed. Other than the house stuff.

Friday wasn't a great night as poor communication led to a feeling of disillusionment which lead me to question some things. Good communication is huge, without it I feel relationships whether they be friendships, family, lovers, co workers, etc cannot exist. Not at least on the deeper level I desire.

Saturday night the man and I went to a local pub for dinner.  We actually planned to eat elsewhere but with the nice weather guess everyone had the same idea as places were packed. Plus the man's hockey team was playing so the place had to have an accessible tv to watch game.

Sunday I was busy cleaning out the office, even filled two bags with shredded paper work. Been working on trying to go through each room, to really try and make an effort to get rid of the stuff we don't use. What I need is the man so start going through his stuff.

Though the man isn't overly motivated. When he wasn't working he came up with every excuse why he couldn't help around house. Now we are just back to the lame o excuse " I work".  If one wants to help they will, if they don't they find excuses. The excuses are laughable at best. Who can't find ten minutes to get off couch to walk the dog?  Even running errands to store is a lot for some.  As ESPN says "come on man" ha

Today I'm feeling worn out by everything.  Including people, the dizziness still bogging
me down and the house search.  Really thought I would be writing about how we found an awesome place but instead I'm feeling disappointed. Sometimes it's hard to remain positive when faced with adversity yet what choice do we really have?  Positive or negative life still goes on and suppose it's up to us how we choose to live it.

Meanwhile have a list of things to accomplish but honestly just feel like curling under a blanket and sleeping off the way I feel. So better get to it before I give in to that desire!

While trying to get a photo of us out the other night the man was being camera shy, so thought I'd share his silly photo face.  If he is going to make them, might as well feature them. :)

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