Monday, April 13, 2015

Monday Musings

It's with much enthusiasm that I write how our temperatures are in the 70's. Could this be Spring?  Windows are open, even found a little moment to bask in the sun.  Though rain is in the forecast we'll enjoy the sunshine while it's out.

During the week went to see another house.  A cute rancher only problem was inside was very outdated, in fact I didn't even think any of the windows were safe as many didn't open.  It was disappointing. Though the cottage we live in now is from 1920 much of it, except maybe the kitchen, is updated.  It has such a charming feel.  Hoping we can find that again.

Fridayevening the man had a work call so I fiddled around the house. 

Saturday Cooper had a fun doggie play date with other Westies MacTavish and Spencer.  MacTavish hosted at his house, his parents even had lunch for all the doggie parents.  I was happy that the man was game to go. Beautiful weather, nice day and made some new friends too. He was exhausted after all the play.  Come evening we watched a movie, The Neighbors.  Pretty funny!

Sunday we took Cooper for a walk, then settled into to watch golf. And it was the premiere of Nurse Jackie on showtime.  Highly recommend watching, it's a very intense show about a nurse addicted to painkillers. It's so realistic, leaves you speechless because it's unbelievable what one person is capable of. 

Watching all that tv wasn't ideal for the dizziness.  It took it's toll, in between tried to nap or rest my eyes.  It's just amazing what affects the dizziness, never quite know when a spell might pop up.  That's what makes it so annoying and difficult to deal with it.

Today involved cleaning of entire house, errands, many loads of laundry and so on.

Also bought Cooper treats by Fresh Pet, grilled chicken biscuits that are soft and need to be refrigerated. Usually they smell great but after giving him one I realized this was not the case.  Called the company right away to report it, they didn't sound too concerned at all just said he might experience stomach upset and they would issue an coupon for a new bag.  Meanwhile I'm worried, hopefully he will be okay.  Never know with any food, all the recalls are getting crazy!

Oh and those Masters picks I mentioned the other day.  Spieth one of my picks won it. :)

Here is our little with his new friends MacTavish and Spencer!

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