Monday, April 6, 2015

Monday Musings

So the temperatures are warming up slightly, by that I mean I've downgraded from the parka to a puffy vest.  It's actually suppose to be 70 today then dip back in the 40's and rain for days. While global warming may be happening across the world our little section is becoming colder.  Maybe Philadelphia, New York and Boston will become the new North Pole.

It was a busy week.  Wednesday we had a meeting with a dog behaviorist.  She was nice, had good ideas but truth is it comes down to us putting her methods into practice.  I had to laugh when the man asked about sessions as it seemed like he believed she would be working with Cooper as we watched. Not realizing that dog training is hands on. 

Basically it's up to us to train him. Problem is if the man won't commit to taking the time to help train Cooper it will be for not.  Truth is people always find time for the stuff they deem important, for instance the man always finds time to watch sports.  He has been known to take off work for a few days just to watch golf tournaments. ha

Thursday we had an appointment to see a house rental.  While it had a charming old house feel to it, there were things that just didn't feel right for us.  So we continue to look, hoping and praying we find something in our budget that we at least like.  Love would be ideal but I'd take even like. :)

The man went home to Long Island on the weekend to celebrate his mother's birthday and Easter.  Once again no dogs allowed so I stayed home.  Given his mother is replacing the carpet in the house in a few months it makes little sense why Cooper could not come.  She herself used to have a dog so I don't see why she all of sudden has an issue.  She always has an excuse which frankly are wearing thin. Sorry but no way is our little man being excluded and left home on holidays. His family isn't great at communicating, plus everyone tends to be rather close minded to understanding others perspectives or lives.  He isn't as close, nor does he even talk to his family as much as I do mine.

Saturday I hung out with my mother, we had a delicious cheese steak lunch and went through stuff of mine stored at my family's house.  No exaggeration there are two closets, part of basement and even small section of their office filled with my stuff.  To say I need to pair down is an understatement, but made progress as filled at least two big trash bags full of clothing to give a way. Another of trash, one bag for my niece filled with clothes and purses she uses to play dress up.  Even had a decent stack of books to give away.  Little by little getting there. Some stuff I would like to bring with me here but just don't have enough room yet.

Sunday spent Easter morning with family.  We got to hang out together before my sister went to her husbands family for Easter.  Got to see my niece's Easter basket which I love.  Then my niece kicked our butts in wii bowling.  She engaged us in a card game Spot It which was so much fun.  She's been introducing me to a lot of new games which is great. In fact have a list of the ones to buy.  Came home made some homemade mac and cheese, took Cooper for a walk and spent rest of day relaxing.

Today is all about errands.  We checked out another house which we ruled out just from seeing the outside and surrounding area which happened to be on a main road.  Sometimes after seeing places I come back home feeling deflated.  Love our little cottage house, so far nothing has even come close to it. There are a few that might come close but they are out of our budget.  Hoping....

Maybe Spring might appear soon too?  Cooper was enjoying sitting by the open window so I joined in and snapped a selfie.  :)

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