Monday, March 9, 2015

Monday Musings

I mentioned the possibility of snow last Monday, not only did we have ice and snow Tuesday but a major snowstorm on Thursday. Yes 10 inches of snow blanketed the ground which was already ice and snow covered. That was then followed by two days of arctic cold temperatures. While temperatures are suppose to warm week they are saying there could still be cold air to come.Which has a lot of people asking what happened to Spring?

Cooper loves all the snow.  For a small dog he acts like a big dog charging right through the snow, snow that's higher than him.  He loves to chase the pieces of snow that scatter when walking through it.  Even in his puffy jacket his fur was still covered in balls of snow. When inside he just spent his time watching it fall and hoping to go back out and play.

The man on the other hand has no enthusiasm for such things.  He wanted nothing to do with playing in the snow so it was me and Cooper.  We took walks in the neighborhood, snow covered roads and trees are  pretty.  Played in the yard, chasing snowballs and even making a snow angel. I feel grateful for any moment I feel good and able to do those things.

Overall least two days we were iced or snowed in, even Friday the roads were still not in good shape. Basically tried to get some errands accomplished in between, and some cleaning on the days we were stuck in.  Friday I went to town on the floors as between the ice, snow and mud on shoes and Coopers it's a mess.
When all this snow finally melts it's going to be even a bigger mess. 

The weekend was low key. Watched some basketball, caught up on a few shows.  Saturday morning at 5 am turned over onto my side in sleep and pretty much woke up immediately with vertigo, the dizziness has been kicking my butt for months now.  It's baffling how sleep can bring on some of the worst attacks. Even the doctors are baffled. Meanwhile it's driving me crazy!

And the news is driving me even more crazy.  Some of the stuff that is happening in this country, and world make little sense.  Why can't everyone just be kind, find ways to compromise and do the right thing?   Those little things could help create an amazing world.  The media can be the worst as they seem to pick and choose what's worthy of news, often times swaying stories instead of telling the whole story.  Don't even get me started but as I sat waiting for a doctors appointment let's just say I blew up twitter with my thoughts. At the same time sat there contemplating how to create positive change and wondering how we can stand up the negative.  It all seems rather simple....if people did the right thing wouldn't there would be less bad news to report and more good?

Just a thought this Monday. 

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