Monday, March 30, 2015

Monday Musings

This Monday still wearing a puffy winter jacket, which pretty much explains our still cold winter like weather.  The so called weather experts say it's going to warm up soon but not sure any one believes it at this point.  Global warming has apparently made this are of the world permanently cold. ha

In other news....Thursday was the man's birthday which we celebrated with one of his favorite meals hamburgers and ice cream cake.  Friday we celebrated Cooper's birthday with a special meal, cupcake, new toys and lots of extra attention. He seemed to enjoy it thoroughly.  Especially opening the gifts. It's interesting as Coopers birthday falls right after the mans, and Angels fell right after mine. 

Still trying to get the man to man up and take more responsibility for Cooper.  His lame excuse for not taking Cooper out is "he doesn't do his business for me".  In my opinion higher degrees don't teach common sense. A course in common sense and how to handle the basics of life need to be taught in high school and college. If he had read the puppy/dog books I asked him to on training maybe he would understand.  Everyone knows dogs need exercise and walks, they don't just do there business in a few seconds. Just like the man sits on the toilet for a little to do his business, Cooper deserves the same time and patience to do his.  :)  Men! (okay some men not all) haha

Meanwhile, my niece had her tonsils and adenoids removed.  They were large and interfering with her breathing.  She will be out of school for at least the week as she recuperates. Given the size of both she is in a decent amount of pain, doesn't have much of a voice yet and even drinking is very hard.

So the man and I visited her on Saturday.  Played wii, and a little indoor game of ball which got her drinking.  Everyone was worried as she would not drink but a little mild play worked to get her sipping again and we all celebrated!

I'm a telling you a day spent with my niece is just a beautiful.  Her energy is amazing, love hearing what she has to say.  If we just listen kids can be so enlightening.  Only wish we got to spend more time with her, wish some how there was a way we could all live a little closer to each other.

We also toured a house but decided the price was a little too high given the quality of the inside and surrounding neighborhood.  So the search for a charming house in our budget continues. Everyone tells me not to stress but it's hard not to. 

Sunday we chilled out, watched more March Madness basketball and even took a nap. 

My top back tooth is bothering me which is not good.  Means I'm going to have to suck it up, confront my fears of the dentist numbing agents again and some how find money to pay for more work. It doesn't help that I clench my teeth. And a mouth guard to help with clenching costs $400 which insurance won't cover. Crazy.

But for now I need to get back to work over here.  The typical Monday list of things to do, including paintings to be completed.  And continue dreaming about warm weather places to live!  :)

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