Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday Musings

Given it's officially Spring didn't think I would be talking about snow again, yet mother nature some how didn't get the note about the season change.  As Friday 6 inches of snow fell covering any foliage that might be starting to grow. Of course all the weather forecasters were only predicting 1-3. They might have the best job ever, get paid a lot of money and get to keep their jobs even if their forecasts are wrong more than right. And cold air is only sticking around, our temperatures are below normal not to mention it's taking a toll on people's spirits as well.

March Madness officially started so we were basically glued to watching games from Thursday on.  At least mid week we got out for a little shopping for the man.  Some new cologne and jeans.  His jeans were on sale at Macy's and with coupon they literally came to $15 each.  Now that's a bargain! I even got some great bargains on t shirts at Target they were running their annual $5 t shirt sale.  These days I refuse to pay more than $7 for tees as the materials are just too thin to pay anymore.

Friday we were snowed in.  Saturday and Sunday watched basketball, napped and did a few errands.  Still feeling completely exhausted, the dizziness is still disrupting my sleep.  Basically desperately search for something that might help me sleep and/or just help this chronic dizzy feeling that won't seem to let up.  The lack of sleep has me feeling not only exhausted but foggy, cranky and out of it.

In fact cooking a homemade pizza I sustained a very bad burn on my thumb, it formed an instant large bubble. Had to sleep with a cold wet towel wrapped around it because it burned so bad. Currently not feeling much as the bubble actually numbed area for now. Surely a result of my feeling so dang exhausted and off balance.  While I love to cook have to be careful when feeling so off balance.

Meanwhile Villanova got knocked out of the tournament by NC State.  Very disappointing to fans as many felt they would be playing in the championship game this season.  To not even make it to the sweet sixteen was surprising and crushing for fans. Then again that's why they refer to it as madness, a lot of games and never know who is going to come out with the win.

Honestly I didn't feel Villanova was going to make it far in the tournament, nor did I pick them in my bracket.  Though I was hoping they would. Needless to say our plans to head to the Sweet Sixteen tournament are now no longer.  Which would have been fun, and a little getaway would have been nice.  My bracket is holding up but still a lot of games to be played. Though when your team gets knocked out it kind of takes away something from watching the games.  Congrats if your team advanced to the sweet sixteen.

The man started his new job today.  After two years of being home together it's going to be a change.  It's not easy for anyone to go back to working full time after being off for so long.  During that time he worked on his sports website but it's not the same as having to go into an office everyday and work 40 hours.  Think he felt both apprehensive and excited about the opportunityu.  Hoping he likes it as it took awhile to find a small, innovative and rather laid back company.  And guess who happened to find the job for him, me! 

It's going to feel lonely and quiet around here as though he isn't a huge talker we still had conversations throughout the day.  It took awhile to get used to having him home all the time and it's going to take equally as long to get used to him not always being around now.  We miss him.  Though luckily the company happens to be local so that's a bonus too. We'll see how it goes.

Today I've got a list of things I would like to accomplish.  So before I screw up my brain by being on the computer too long going to go get to it.  Did I mention it's Spring and that we are still wearing heavy fleece to keep warm?  Not to mention winter jackets and snow boots.

If it's warm where you are enjoy it for those of us who are still stuck in Winter.  And maybe invite us for a weekend too?  :)

Oh and it's National Puppy Day so of course have to share a photo of Cooper man as a puppy! This is him at 12 weeks.

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