Monday, March 16, 2015

Monday Musings

This might be the first Monday in a while that I'm not talking about snow. Though Spring still seems far off as our temperatures are still only averaging mid forties, high fifties if lucky.  There have been a few days that even seemed more Fall like.

Our weekends haven't been all that exciting, unless you consider watching sports 24/7 to be.  March Madness is here so that explains some of it, and then some of it is just the man's thing. It's true the man's one true love and obsession in life is sports. His life revolves around it and everything else pretty much takes a backseat to it. And while he balks about having to spend money, especially pay debts, he always finds enough money for a big sports game.

Though I did spend a good amount of time cooking. Trying out a new lasagna roll up recipe and baking homemade carrot cupcakes complete with cream cheese icing.  Without a dishwasher cooking such elaborate things can make clean up take quite a while. Love cooking but can't say the same of hand washing everything.

Meanwhile I'm sinking into exhaustion.  This so called Vertigo Migraine and chronic dizziness is kicking my butt. It literally has been disrupting my sleeps for months now. Basically toss and turn all night in bed because I feel dizzy during sleep, then wake up feeling groggy, sleepy and dizzy.

My doctor finally arrived back from India, she goes there for a month or two every year.  Upon her arrival back she was swamped. Her disappointment after learning of my less than stellar John Hopkins visit was evident, she didn't like how the specialists basically put everything on her to figure out. As she put it he's the specialists trained in that area not her.

The list of medicines he suggested we could try did not impress her as she felt many were too risky, strong and came with even worse side effects. But she said it's up to me if I want to become a lab rat of sorts, if I'm willing to endure some suffering in the process and understand that none of them are guaranteed. 

Honestly not knowing what to do, not having real answers is the hardest part.  It's a scary feeling. It makes you realize how uncontrollable life can be.  Even my daily prayers seem to go unanswered.  The other night while outside walking the dog found myself so completely frustrated with the situation that while gazing up at the stars I questioned God himself. Then thought to myself who does that? Uh me.

There I was asking if even he existed, if so what about my prayers.  Why couldn't he heal me of this dizziness and vertigo for good. Then of course I felt terrible for even doubting him, then again my personality tends to lean itself toward a doubting Thomas of sorts.  Guess I just don't understand how such suffering can exist in life, and why would any God allow it.  But that's a whole other topic for another day.

Villanova won the Big East and a one seed in the tournament.  Watch out they are a team to be reckoned with this season.  Go Nova! Though there are always a few teams that seem to deserve making it that don't, which doesn't seem fair.   In football the Eagles acquired Sam Bradford and DeMarco Murray. Fans feelings were mixed on Bradford given his injury riddled past and the fact we had to give up Foles for him, but with all the change there is also a feeling of excitement as well. Of course today even more rumors swirled as Tebow worked out for them. Even though they already have three quarterbacks. If only he would entertain the idea of switching positions he might actually be playing in the nfl.

Meanwhile all the snow kept Cooper inside more which may have been what brought on a urinary infection.  Out of no where the other night the little guy started peeing in the house after he had just been outside.  The vet said they see much more of such things during in climate weather.  Of course the man tends to be rather lazy when it comes to taking Cooper out. He feels Cooper should not have to go out as frequently, so often times discounts the moments Cooper indicate he needs to.  So I've got him on a new schedule where no matter what we are doing he goes out at set times, it's much easier to track that way.

Which brings me to pet peeves, laziness drives me crazy.  Along with things such as selfishness, procrastination, messiness, crazy drivers, narcissists, poor attitudes, weak communication and rudeness.  Seems like a lot but frankly are probably more. ;)  Do you have pet peeves,if so what are they?

Oh and I'm guessing some one that may be reading this right now is actually experiencing Spring, if so remind me of what it's like.....

Haven't taken many photos lately but here's one of Cooper with his new bone. A trip to Petco resulted in new food, treats and toys.  Life is short you might as well spoil the ones you love!

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