Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Monday Musings

Is there ever a Monday lately that I'm not talking about arctic air or snow?  People question global warming but aren't colder winters and crazy weather patterns in some places a result of global warming?  Whatever the reason I'm so over winter. If winter are turning into this than I may have to either move back to San Diego or try out Key West.

Over the weekend we had not only snow but an ice storm which left everything a sheet of ice.  Of course the snow hid the ice that's been on the ground for weeks now already and as careful as I was trying to be while walking Cooper I wiped out on it.  So now I got a very bruised hip and sore back.  And another snow and ice storm is headed this way today. It's March where is Spring? 

Meanwhile the week was rather busy. Had my first acupuncture appointment which was interesting. I felt a little apprehensive about having needles sticking all over my body and then having to lay still.  Honestly it was a tad scary especially when she put a needle through my ear.  Kid you not I could feel it sitting in my ear, that was the one that panicked me the most. And while I laid there waiting for the needles to work the magic I did feel antsy.

Overall not sure how it worked, I feel like I noticed a slight difference but would have to have more sessions to really know if it could help.  But can I convince my mind to relax enough to lay still again  to have it done?  Hopefully.  She also put very little sticky things with metal dots in points in my outer ear which I'm to press on for two minutes, twice a day.  At this point though I'm willing to try pretty much anything within reason.

Also had another doctors appointment with a specialist.  The neurologist at John Hopkins wanted me to have a complete Rheumatology work up as some autoimmune disorders can cause vertigo and dizziness as well.  Out of all the specialists I've seen was really impressed by this woman as she really listened, and did a through exam.

Or course nothing prepared me for all the blood they would have to take, 8 vials!  They warned me to take it easy and pretty much had no choice as I felt lightheaded for awhile after.  Given my small size they said that's normal, and exactly why they won't let anyone under 110 lbs donate blood.  Us small folks just don't have enough volume.

Meanwhile the man had another interview at the job I found him.  Combining all the interviews he has had with the company he has spent over 8 plus hours in interviews.  Kid you not, the first interview was over 4 hours. They even bought him a sandwich as it went right through lunch.  It's a small start up company of sorts, perfect for him and what he is looking for. After all his past experiences working for big corporate companies he really wants to work for a smaller company now.  In big corporate companies one tends to get lost, be contained to one role and become a number of sorts instead of true well rounded contributor if that makes sense.

The weekend was interesting.  Friday the man was working on website so it was more a tv night. Saturday spent the day running errands while he went to watch Nova game with friend.  Though it bothers me whenever he meets up with this divorced friend that it has to be at a bar.  The man is still technically in recovery state he should not be drinking, and if he does it should not be more than a drink or two.  But anything with this friend seems to involve stupid drinking and it upsets me. Not to mention the man never seems quite himself afterwards. I feel God gives us second chances but it's up to us to change our habits as well, to create healthier habits and make better, intelligent choices. Anyway....

Back to my errands, I haven't been in a Bed Bath and Beyond in awhile.  Probably for a good reason as I tend to want all the gadgets I see at those places.  Seriously walls filled with cooking gadgets and home organization items make me feel as if I'm in a candy store.  I want them all. ha  Lets not even mention their fully stocked beauty section.  One 20% coupon is not enough for this girl. ha  Needless to say I came home with a the Vidalia Onion chopper, a french fry cutter and a organizer for my hair tools. And a few other items as well.  I wanted a hair towel but 17.99 for one seemed like a lot.  Anyone know of a good hair towel for less?

Given Saturday night involved poor sleep for all, Sunday basically was a total couch day. Which given the snow and ice storm that day worked out good.  Though we had to keep taking breaks to try to clear the snow before the ice moved in.  By evening everything was a sheet of ice.  Even getting down the steps to take Cooper out became dangerous. Our yard has been covered in snow and ice for months now.  The air is so cold that little seems to melt, and what does melt during the day becomes frozen again by evening.

Well now that I've wrote a novel think and before the next ice storm arrives it's time to get back to my to do list.  While lists may seem overwhelming I find they are helpful in getting things accomplished.  

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