Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Have You Seen This

Curt Schilling, who is a former professional baseball player, went on a twitter rant of sorts to defend his daughter.  Here is the link to his post on his blog which explains it all.  After reading it you will understand why. Think it's something bloggers and any one who shares anything on social media understands all too well.  It should not only enrage us all, but also make us think about what we share online. 

And leave us all wondering....what is wrong with people these days?  Those people who say the evil, disgusting, mean, nasty, vulgar, etc, things....is there something serious wrong with them? Were they born that way or did their life experiences cause them to turn into such monsters?  Can they even be helped?

It's funny as my intentions when I started blogging were to just journal anything and everything.  Just planned on journaling about my life.  I wanted it to be a place filled with raw honesty where anything could be shared or talked about.  But I'll admit the hardest part became wanting to share actual photos.  Because like life the online world is filled with both good and bad. 

Sharing personal photos feels like a double edge sword at times. Often I wished there was a way to allow photos to be privately shared and writing to be publicly shared. In a sense being able to control the people who saw the photos while allowing anyone to read the posts.  And yes we can make blogs private but in many senses that takes away from the opportunity to meet new people and find new blogs.

Kudos to those who share a lot of personal photos on their blogs because it's not something I have never felt comfortable doing.  In my opinion who knows who is looking, or what they are doing with the photos they do see.  Know what I mean? I even try to watermark photos over the faces but sure that can be undone in this day and age. Yeah I know in a sense they are just photos. Yet photos can feel so personal.  And do I want the world to be privy to such intimate moments?

Curt Schilling's experience of a beautiful comment on twitter to his daughter turning into a nightmare is not  isolated. Such things happen every day to every one.  Even bloggers have to deal with ridiculous mean or even vulgar comments at times.  To post anything online these days people need to have thick skin as one never quite can anticipate the firestorm or ugliness  it might set off.

Many days the world terrifies me.  The news is filled with stories that seem more suited for a horror movie than the real world.  Unimaginable things are happening in our world these days   And social media is a direct reflection of some of these things. Of the evilness that exists.  How do we stop it all? 

And while we should feel free to share what we want, we might also want to keep in mind that nothing online, on our computers or even phones is ever truly private.   

Thanks to people like Curt Schilling for being a voice, for trying to stand up to these people.  We need more real men like that, and more real women too.  We need people not afraid to stand up to the idiots of the world. Maybe even get them help. More importantly we all need to band together, to say enough is enough.

Former Boston Red Sox pitching great Curt Schilling.

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