Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Love

People can say what they want about Valentine's Day but I adore the holiday.  Only wish everyone had the day off to truly celebrate. 

Never understood the people who dislike it, or try to put it down.  Especially the ones who use the excuse that  love should be celebrated everyday not just one day of the year.  While that's true, fact is love often gets overlooked or taken for granted.

How many people even celebrate love?  On a daily basis..... How many people really write love letters, notes or give cards? How many people are affectionate?  How many people even say I love you daily?  Or spoil their loved ones with little romantic gifts on any day not just a holiday? 

It all sounds great in theory but then everyday life seems to get in the way of the romance and love.  So having one holiday where love and romance is the sole focus is glorious.  A great reminder about the power of love.  And the holiday doesn't just have to be about romantic love, it's a celebration of love. Soul mates come in all forms....friends, family, co workers, pets and so on.  It's a day to simply show our love for those special people who mean the most to us.

And if no one gives you flowers go out and treat yourself to some. Valentine's Day doesn't have to be about spending a lot of money either.  Making a card or writing a love letter on simple plain paper can mean more than any expensive, fancy gift. Or maybe a picnic instead of expensive dinner. It's the thought that counts.

I myself love a bunch of small gifts....hand written card, bouquet of flowers, stuffed animal, framed photo, favorite candy, homemade sweets, small piece of inexpensive jewelry. Bring on the glitter, the pink and red colored items that fill the stores.  Flowers, clothing, mugs, jewelry, candy, towels, stickers, you name it I love it all.  Probably like a kid at Christmas as I feel so happy when I see a valentine bag filled with little things! 

Though honestly putting all that material stuff aside, it truly is the thought that counts the most.  And the meaning of love and Valentine's goes deeper than any gift. 

Happy Valentine's Day! 


Love you all.

And to my little one, it's the first Valentine's Day without, miss you more than words can describe.  The day will never be quite the same without you, you who holds a piece of my heart. Love always.


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