Monday, February 9, 2015

Monday Musings

Another wintry mix here which has caused icy conditions on walkways, roads and you name it.  Our driveway is one sheet of ice.  I've had it with winter, the cold and cloudy weather is driving me nuts.  The thought of it merely approaching in Fall makes me shudder.  If the cold temperatures aren't bad enough it just feels like winter deflates everyone's spirits, not to mention motivation.  They say even colder weather is on it's way.  Oh yeah and the famous groundhog predicted more winter. 

Last night we found ourselves watching HGTV shows on house hunting for places near the beach or in the Caribbean.  As a beach lover it was hard to watch as I just longed to feel the warmth of the sun and smell the salt air.  There is no doubt that I belong in a cottage house by the beach.  That's what my soul desires. Now if only I could convince family to move with us.  About the only way that would happen is if I won the lottery.

Speaking of lottery, the power ball is up to something like 350 million. Can you imagine winning it?  I totally can. Not that I would go on a crazy spending spree. That's not really my style, nor do I desire fancy things.  A beautiful cottage house by the sea would be first on list.  With houses for families close by.  Of course I would need a personalized beach cruiser to ride around town in. 

Next up would be a large property of land for an animal sanctuary.  It would be nice if the cottage house could be on the same land. Rescuing animals and giving them a safe place to stay filled with big soft beds, lots of nutritious food, warm baths and so on would be a priority.  Then I'd set up a health foundation of sorts to not only study vertigo but heart issues in women. Of course share it with family, especially my parents who work too hard and deserve to be spoiled. Probably just put the rest in savings as I don't need much to be happy.  Truth is some one is going to win the lottery so why not dream a little about the possibilities.  :)

The weekend wasn't all too exciting as you can probably tell by my lottery dreaming. ha  I was trying to do research on the computer when I had a vertigo spell which basically lasted all day Saturday.  And left me feeling groggy Sunday.  Though at least Sunday I was able to get some stuff done. 

The man has been busy interviewing for jobs, it's a rather huge step.  Really hope he finds something he truly likes.  Just want to see him happy, and filled with enthusiasm. That may sound funny but he's such a mellow guy, he's not exactly the over flowing with energy or passion type persona.  We are like night and day.  He's like the moon and I'm more like the sun if that makes sense.  But it's been almost two years since he's worked outside the home and held a full time job so I feel a little nervous for him.  Hoping he can handle the pressure of a work place again. 

Well can't spend a whole lot of time on here, maybe I'll more later but for now just going to hit publish.

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  1. i'm so over winter too ugh. and i love that you'd use the lotto money for an animal sanctuary. i would love to be able to rescue more animals too!


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