Monday, February 23, 2015

Monday Musings

It warmed up to 40 yesterday and let me tell you it felt like Spring.  If only it could have stayed that way but unfortunately the arctic air is back.  Saturday we had around 6 inches of snow, followed by sleet then rain.  That's the kind of winter it's been here.  Instead of average highs in the 40's it's been in the 20's and with wind chills that make it feel real cold.  Philadelphia is actually setting records for cold. And forget about an early Spring as experts are predicting cooler than normal temperatures for the foreseeable future.  So my west coast friends would you like a guest with a sweet dog for a few months?  :)

The week consisted of catching up.  Given the way the dizziness has been linger it's really been making me feel tired which is unusual for me.  But I also find sleep choppy these days so though I fall asleep it's hard staying asleep.  You would think the dizziness would be helped by sleep but  the sleep state can bring on attacks.

Also made some carrot cupcakes to celebrate Angels birthday.  They were one of her favorites so what better way to remember her by. 

Friday the man stepped up and took my niece to her schools My Guy dance.  My brother in law had plans which had been made before they knew about the dance.  I was happy and impressed that the man took her, as it meant a lot to her.  And I do believe he actually had fun as well.  He likes hanging with her. Figured they would be tired after the dance but they actually came home and played some wii.  While they were out on the town my sister and I got to catch up over dinner.  It never feels long enough though to catch up on all we do. We also had a delicious dinner too!

Saturday we stayed in as there was lots of snow to contend with.  Given the cold air things got slippery quick. Spent the day lounging and shoveling.

Sunday was a mess, with the temperatures warming for one day everything was melting and streets were a mess.  Taking Cooper for a walk resulted in his white fur being covered in cinders and turning black.  Needless to say the little guy had to get a bath.  And to show you how tired I've been feeling I actually took two naps!

Today was busy.  Spent morning catching up on paperwork, then made homemade vegetable soup as I'm trying to eat healthier.  Thought I had a doctors appointment but when I arrived they informed me the confirmation I received was wrong, that it's actually tomorrow.  Go figure. Since there is a Walmart right by the office at least I got some errands accomplished. On way home got gas but also stuck in a lane I didn't want to be in because of a huge ryder truck that cut in front of me and blocked me from getting over causing me to drive in an out of way loop to get home.

Got home anxious to try out the new sweater shaver from Walmart as I have a bunch of sweaters that either need to be defuzzed or thrown out.   While it is small and seems to take awhile to do it did improve the look of the sweaters.  Though one sweater took a lot longer than I thought it would.  In fact I took a break to type this blog but still have a pile of sweaters to do. ha

All right that's about it time to have some dessert and try to relax. Here is a photo from this weekend that makes me so happy!

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