Monday, February 16, 2015

Monday Musings

It's been arctic cold here, were talking -20 in windchill.  The wind gusting as high as 60 mph on Sunday made it feel like a tropical storm, if only the temperatures were tropical.  We had a little snow on Saturday, and more is expected tonight. 

The week seemed filled with of ups and downs.  Including some on and off dizziness while I tried to get what needed to be done. And after cleaning house and doing oodles of laundry today I'm about ready for a nap.  Forget the gym cleaning house is total workout and more.  Sometimes I do 3 loads just of bedding between sheets, comforters, blankets. Think I need a huge professional washer and dryer. ha

The weekend started off great as my niece came over for the day on Friday.  Hearing her stories, being around her energy and getting to play are great. It was a fun day!  The man and her even played wii as well.  Friday evening the man gave me a bouquet of daisies for Valentine's Day and a very nice card.  We even did some take out.  All great!  But then....

Saturday got off to a rocky start, my favorite holiday and the man put a damper on it.  As his remarks about going to a family party, a party for my birthday none the less, sparked an argument of sorts. Seem to hear the same comments every holiday or get together. Him leaving the couch to do something together seems to have become an epic big deal. My family is rather laid back, usually the man will sit and watch sports or play games with my niece.  Even afterwards he says how much fun he has so his before comments make no sense.  Sometimes I wonder if he has anxiety about going out or being around people.  I've noticed ever since he got off the pain meds, almost two years now, he has wanted to go out less and less. Think overall he hasn't been himself nor felt good.  His body has had an adjustment of sorts which can take a while to re balance. Overall he has much more attitude and less enthusiasm toward everything. 

And he doesn't have the same relationship with his family as I have with mine, he sees his mom maybe a few times a year if that.  Isn't all that close to his sister. So I think it's hard for him to understand that my family enjoys being together and hanging out. I will say is this, words can be forgiven but much harder to forget. They can build up over time eventually eroding even the best of relationships. Its important to effectively communicate.

But the day was salvaged as my family made my birthday fun and special.  They brought laughs and love.  The man eventually loosened up. My niece is the best.  She actually used money my mom gave her to buy gifts for me, what other six year old do you know who thinks to spend gift money given to them on others?  I simply adore her!  She even bought me a princess birthday sash to wear. She might understand kindness, love and unselfishness better than many adults I know.

Sunday everyone woke up exhausted.  Cooper doesn't like wind, so the 60 mph gusts were freaking him out.  I had to sleep on the couch with him as you can't hear the wind as much downstairs, but even then he was still popping up to growl in the wee morning hours.  For my birthday the man cooked dinner, we did a little wii sports and got a few new t shirts. The man isn't that into holidays or celebrations. So never know quite what to expect.

Anyway, it's really cold so I'm going to find a blanket and just snuggle in for the night.  Hope your Monday was a good one!  Going to add photos later.

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