Monday, February 2, 2015

Monday Musings

So that big snowstorm that all the weather forecasters were hyping turned into about 3 inches of snow. Yup some trough formed which blocked the snow from Philadelphia, go figure. Weather seems like it has a 50% predictability rate, a great reminder that we aren't always in control of everything. Though being a weather man or woman for a news station seems like a good deal, they make great money and don't get fired when their forecasts tank.

Though we may not have gotten socked by snow like New England, we have been experiencing clipper systems, just enough snow to make things slippery and be a nuisance of sorts.  In fact, this morning it's a slushy mix of everything that is predicted to freeze later today. The artic air leaves little desire to step outside.  Winter seems like it is becoming colder each year, the changes of season harder to adjust to as well.

The week involved a lot of catching up on tasks. 

Saturday ran some errands with my mother, which is always a good time.  It was nice to get out of the house because the man seemed to wake up on the wrong side of bed, a mood which lingered throughout the weekend.  He seemed in great spirits all week but come the weekend it was not the case. In fact it seemed to linger into today.  He's not been much of a help with Cooper especially in this cold, snowy weather.  It's mainly me braving the elements. ha

Sunday was all about Puppy Bowl and Super Bowl.  Given the teams in the super bowl I was actually more excited for puppy bowl.  Though the super bowl surely kept things exciting, as not only was it a close game but one filled with some crazy play calls. 

Would have really like to see the Eagles play in the super bowl or any other underdog team. Sometimes it gets boring when it's the same top teams always in it each year. Which is why I love those underdog type stories about success and winning.

The man drove me crazy complaining about the super bowl commercials being too emotional and heavy. Then tried to back his opinion up by finding every comment on twitter that agreed with his and reading them out loud. Okay yeah maybe the commercials weren't over the top funny, light hearted or even raunchy like some people seem to prefer but they got messages across. Maybe they even made people think a little. Is that so bad?

There were messages that this world needs to hear.  And maybe the people that complained so much about them are the ones that need to get in touch with their deeper selves, who knows. ha  But sometimes the rough stuff in life might be better prevented by more awareness.

In my opinion the fact that people were complaining about some of the feel good commercials, the ones that bring happy tears is exactly what is wrong with our society.  There just isn't enough feel good stuff in this world.

It's why I love McDonalds idea of pay with lovin. Basically customers who order items during randomly selected times will get to pay with lovin, meaning pay for their food with hugs, phone call to loved one or a smiling selfie. The man he pretty much thinks it's stupid. Yet that's what we need in this world....more love and more showing of love!

I read that more and more brands are thinking seriously about the role they play in life. Call it purpose, mission, whatever, but it is a sweeping force in marketing departments and agencies. To that I say it's about time.

And my man needs to loosen up not be so tight, besides emotional or deep commercials never hurt anyone.  In fact, may be if he opened himself up to them he might feel or learn something new.

Okay I'll get off my little soap box now.  :)

But this Monday show em what it really means to run like a girl!

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