Thursday, February 5, 2015

Herbal Teas

When told to avoid caffeine and chocolate finding a warm drink, especially during the cold winter months can be difficult.  Tea and hot chocolate were always my go to choices.  Is there anything better than hot chocolate with marshmallows and whip cream on a cold winter day?  Just writing that makes my mouth water.  :)

It took a while to get used to the idea of not drinking hot chocolate.  Finding warm drink substitutes has not  been easy.  Honestly I never really gave herbal teas a thought until they were the only option.  And then I realized just how many options seemed to exist. A lot of fruity options which I wasn't sure would  fit my plain tastes.

Guess you could say I've been on a taste testing mission. I remember starting off with the Lipton brand because that's the regular tea I always seemed to use.  Their Ginger  I actually enjoyed only to learned it had been discontinued.  So I moved on to try other brands who had more of a selection of flavors. Celestial and Twining quickly became favorites.  While Celestial seems to have more flavor selections at our local market, Twining individually wraps their tea bags which makes them easy to travel with. 

I also have a tea ball which allows me to fill it with loose herbs or teas.  It gives the option of creating ones own tea mixture and controlling the amount.

Here are my favorites so far, and as I try more flavors sure this list will be added to as well.  All of these flavors can be light or strong tasting depending upon how long each is brewed. And I prefer to sweeten with honey. While they might not be hot chocolate, herbal teas can be refreshing and come with added health benefits as well.


Lemon Zinger  - Refreshing lemon flavor. Perfect for any meal.

Jammin Lemon Ginger - Strong flavor, good for nausea. Ginger spice can irritate throat sometimes.                                                               
Peppermint - Tastes just like a peppermint candy.  Helpful in digestion issues as well.

Cinnamon Apple Spice - This reminds me of apple pie.  Great flavor for any time of day. 

Rooibos Madagscar Vanilla -  Delicious. Hard to describe, the rooibos give it somewhat of a sweet
                                              taste with subtle hints of vanilla that I love. Wish they made more herbal 
                                              vanilla teas.

Wild Berry Zinger -  If you like berries this is the tea for you.  While I like berries it's not a tea that I tend to
                                like to drink everyday.  Prefer it more in summer and as a chilled tea. 


Lemon Ginger - Their lemon ginger has a very subtle taste which I like a lot. But too much ginger
                          irritates my throat so I try to rotate with other teas.

Pure Peppermint -Their peppermint tea has a mild flavor.


Blackberry Vanilla -It's a nice fruit taste with hints of vanilla.  Again the vanilla is a nice accent to the berry

Ginger Twist - This ginger had a great flavor and wasn't quite as strong as other brands allowing it to be
                       consumed frequently. But supposedly it's been discontinued.


Red Raspberry - Strong raspberry taste. Not something I like to drink daily but it's a good dessert type of

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