Friday, February 6, 2015

Go Red

The Go Red campaign is an important cause that deserves more attention.

Heart disease and stroke can differ in women, and are often overlooked.  So it's important as women to know the symptoms, risk factors and when something doesn't feel right don't give up until you get answers.  Many think they don't have to worry about such things until their senior years but it can happen to any one at any age.

Women's heart issues need not only more awareness but funding as well.  Most of the research over the centuries has centered around men not women.  What experts are learning is that treatments used for men can affect women differently. 

Personally speaking I have a heart arrhythmia and a leaky heart valve.  They can be very uncomfortable at times, bring on intense anxiety and trying to find something that helps isn't always easy.  Medicines always come with side effects. Often times there is an unknown factor when it comes to such heart disorders.  It's why we as women need more research and funding into heart issues.

Today show your support for women's heart disease by wearing red.  Tweet a selfie with hashtags #GoRedSelfie  #GoRedForWomen 

Please go to the website to learn more.

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