Friday, January 2, 2015

New Year

Last New Year I wrote about finding purpose and pondered how to make dreams a reality.  Looking back I had great ideas but some how didn't make more of them.  Overall felt rather stuck when it came to circumstances that felt beyond my control.  Maybe that's one of the tricky aspects of life....knowing what we truly desire yet not knowing exactly how to get it.

This year I've decided to create a vision board.  On this board will be images of my dreams and desires, maybe seeing them every day will some how inspire real change.  Books like The Secret which is based on the law of attraction claim that positive thinking can create life changing results such as increased wealth, health, and happiness. It involves a three step creative process for manifesting dreams Ask or Visualize, Believe and Receive. Maybe it works, maybe not but it can't help trying. Gotta have faith right?

Think it's also a good time to simply reflect on what we are grateful for in the year gone, even if we think there is nothing to feel that way about, usually there is at least something small.  Then focus on setting intentions for the year to come. 

Some things I want to focus more on this new year.....happiness, health, love, faith, fun and dreams.  Need to feed my soul, think a little less and live a little more!

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