Monday, January 26, 2015

Monday Musings

Today winter storm warnings have been issued for the Philadelphia area.  It's been snowing this morning, but the experts say the heaviest won't arrive until late tonight.  Predictions range from 8-16 inches so it should be interesting to see how it all plays out.  Really hoping we don't lose electricity but with the high winds predicted it's a possibility they are warning of.  Given lows in the teens not including wind chill that would not be good. Philadelphia, Jersey and New York are basically preparing to shut down, that includes transportation.  Basically it's time to batten down the hatches.

Feel a little apprehensive as that amount of snow seems daunting to dig out of, and Cooper already has issues trying to do his business with the small amount already covering the ground.  Not to mention the temperatures have dropped creating way for another arctic air system to move in.  Last year may have been the warmest on record for the world but it was not so for our area.  In fact, we have had cooler than normal temperatures.  It's cold!

Meanwhile the week was busy, and felt exhausting.  Wednesday the appointment I waited so long for at John Hopkins finally happened, something I will devote a whole other post to.  It was interesting, and disappointing to say the least.  I've been trying to make the best of things, even on the dizzy days which isn't easy.  But honestly I realize now there isn't much choice in the matter this is the hand I've been dealt so just have to try to live life the best I can with it. 

We had some major board game competition going this weekend.  While I got pummeled in Risk the man got crushed in Uno. ha  We had some good laughs, and that felt really nice.  Sunday we spent the day with my niece.  Watching her basketball game, hanging out for a little at her house after the game.  Seeing her world is always so great.  To hear about her life, see what she's been up and just be around her is awesome.

Of course getting to catch up with my sister is equally as nice because I feel like we don't get to hang out and talk enough. Even though we live within a half hour of each other still wish we lived a little closer.  It would be nice to live close enough where my niece could come over and hang out with us often.  Honestly any day spent with family is a good one.

Given the dizziness I've got limited time on the computer so just have to type and run.  Think I'm going to go take in the snow.  There is something magical about watching snow fall, the quietness it brings and how it covers the ground with it's sparkling beauty.  Mother nature is unpredictable so who knows how much snow awaits us, nor how bad it may be get but we expect to be snowed in.  Cooper is hoping he can find a place to do his business!


  1. At least from what I've read, the storm sounds like it isn't turning out to be as intense as weather people thought it was going to be... in NYC that is. Hope the same holds true for your area.

    If you like board games, have you played Monopoly City?!?! It is so much fun!!!!!!!

    1. You are right, some kind of trough developed which kept the snow away from Philadelphia. We only got about 4 inches just enough to play in. ha So I must know what is Monopoly City?


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