Monday, January 19, 2015

Monday Musings

This Monday I'm still in disbelief the Packers lost that nail biting game.  Disappointed because the thought of Seattle and New England in the Superbowl  just doesn't excite me in the least.  Seattle just won it last year, and New England has enough wins.  Also on a sports note I'd like a big name coach for Penn State now that Ohio State has Meyer and Michigan has Harbaugh just feels like we need one too if we are ever going to get back to winning championships.  :)

On another completely different note. Quotes are something I find inspirational.  And the desk top calendar I received as a gift for Christmas is filled with make you think type quotes such as this "adversity is the first path to truth". 

As I've gone through my share of adversity over the years, and even now battling this ongoing lingering dizziness again makes it feels like adversity can pile up too much at times. Truth is adversity sucks, but I don't doubt that the truths it can open up can be enlightening. Though it would be great to have more non adversity moments to be able to put those truths we learn into action too. 

Today we had to grocery shop, honestly it sounds like just another thing to do. But after a week of pretty much not being able to do much, I felt grateful for being able to do it.  That's one thing adversity appreciate the smallest moments, and bask in the good days.  It opens the mind and even the soul if one lets it.  

It made me wonder, how many of us take for granted the small moments, or good days?  Or for that matter what is a good day, and how does it feel?  We were given all kinds of senses to enjoy life with but do we truly use them every day?  Just something to think about....

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  1. We are HUUUUUUGE Packers fans... my heart still hurts about that loss. My poor little girl got a stomach bug that meant she spent the whole game throwing up, so between the puking and the game itself I was just a wreck.

    I love quotes too. Someday I want to have a small little room in my house I can use as an office so I can be home more with my daughter instead of at work. And I want to hang framed quote prints on all of the walls, pretty much from floor to ceiling. I find quotes so inspiring... and thought provoking and motivating... I love this one that you posted. Love.


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