Monday, January 12, 2015

Monday Musings

The weather here has been filled with arctic air, snow, wind, clouds, rain and occasionally sun. With so much rain, and little sun our lawn has begun to look like a small lake. Every where you look seems muddy.  Grateful for rain boots.  We also go through wipes for puppy quickly.

Summer cannot come soon enough.  As I get older I'm finding winter less and less enjoyable, and more something to be endured.  It's just odd how this time of year always brings with it a loss of motivation, winter blues, the desire to hibernate to spring and dreams of living in tropical destinations. Same feeling every winter season.

Of course the man got to escape the arctic air last week when he went to visit his father in Florida.  Everything always works out for the man, even in the worst situations he has the best of luck.  Maybe it's because he seems to worry about little.  Which is something I would love to be able to do.  Him being gone didn't feel all that different, as in reality whether he's home or away I still do pretty much everything around here.ha  Though to give him some credit he does run errands to the store when we need stuff which is nice.  Since he was on a mini vacation I decided to use the week to take a home one. While I did a little work, also tried to take it slow.  Though with the dizziness I didn't have much of a choice. Even caught up on a movie and some shows. 

The man's inability to get Cooper to do his business has become rather comical.  I watched in amusement as he tried the other day.  He just kind of stands there getting upset when he doesn't do anything, The man expects him to pee and poo immediately. Where as I walk Cooper around the yard.  Telling him to tinkle or poo, guiding him when he gets distracted and giving him more than a few minutes.  Even pointed out to the man that it often takes him 10 minutes of sitting in the bathroom to complete his business.  But he just doesn't seem to get that some dogs need to walk around a little before doing their business. 

Overall the week felt less stressful, but the dizziness is beginning to take a serious toll.  As I mentioned the other day never had it linger this long day after day.  Feel worn out mentally and physically.  Yesterday felt some what better, even became hopeful maybe it was passing. In fact, last night was the first night I had decent sleep in a while then I went to get out of bed and felt spinning. Ugh, that's all I can muster.  Wish I could spend more time on the computer researching the dizziness, as sometimes the internet can be helpful to find out more information, answers or even people experiencing similar symptoms.

While I still miss Angel so much, Cooper has won my heart.  He brings a comfort that is hard to put into words.  Though he still has his puppy moments, especially his obsession with biting feet, the love he brings is amazing.  That's the thing there are so many great dogs that are living in shelters hoping and waiting to bring that kind of love to others, if only people realize how great shelter dogs can be.

And if only we humans could give each other that kind of unconditional love.  Seriously imagine if every one in the world simply showed each other unconditional love.  We need more genuine love in this world.

Meanwhile we continue to try to stay warm.

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