Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Do You Believe In Signs?

It's been said that we receive signs from above, whether it be from angels or loved ones who have passed.  Frequently those signs come through such things as seeing rainbows, repetitive number sequences, finding coins or feathers, hearing meaningful songs or things that have special meaning to us.

While part of me has always wanted to believe this is true, the skeptic in me has tried to rationalize those things. Logically trying to explain them.  But I have to admit sometimes there are things that just can't quite be explained.

Throughout life in moments of adversity where I wasn't sure how to cope I've practically begged for signs.  Wanting some kind of proof that God was with me, or that loved ones passed were still accessible some how. There were some disappointing moments when I felt nothing.  And times where I believed signs had been given, but still the skeptic in me wondered.

Then Angel passed in May, felt myself wanting signs more than ever.  So many unanswered questions....does life go on, would I see her again, was she okay, did she know how much I loved and missed her.  So many overwhelming emotions and thoughts. Yet still didn't seem to receive a recognizable sign.

On occasion I began to notice beautiful white feathers outside.  Especially on the path I walked our new little puppy.  Again I maybe it's her but of course more times than not chalked it up to logical things.  Then shortly after she passed I received news John Hopkins was interested in my dizziness case.  Right away people said to me it's Angel she had a hand in this. As you helped her she is returning the favor from above. Just the thought still brings tears. Again I wanted to quiet the skeptic, to simply believe and a part of me could not deny the timing.

Then recently I began finding small white feathers around the house.  On my sweater, in Coopers water, on the night stand, even the kitchen counter.  Of course I logically tried to explain this by searching the house for items that might contain feathers, even looking into our pillows but nothing contained feathers. Truthfully I feel in my heart that she is here.  That these little white feathers may just be the sign I prayed for.  But they aren't the only sign.

A plant the man gave me from Angel for taking such good care of her, and given a few weeks before she passed bloomed this winter.  It feels like a miracle as it's a annual plant, that I brought in after summer because I could not bare to part with it.  In the past this particular type of plant barely made it through the summer here. I know because had bought one the previous year that didn't make it through spring.  But this one from her I put in the window and it seemed to slowly flourish until it bloomed around the holidays. In fact it's still blooming.

I'm sure there are those who will say it's probably coincidental, and that there must be an explanation. Trust me I am all too familiar with that way of thinking.  But I'm also learning that maybe everything can't be explained.  Maybe they truly are signs from above.  Signs that miracles are all around us if we just look and listen closely. What do you think....


  1. I 100% believe in signs... and the older I have gotten, the more receptive I have tried to be TO signs. I not only believe in signs but I am very sure we all miss important signs all the time, or mistake them for something else. I think one of the many ways God answers prayers is with signs.


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