Thursday, December 11, 2014


The other day found myself tweeting about Ink Master and how it appears I'm watching too much as one of the tattoo artists, with the judges appeared in my dreams. Of course the guy is attractive so suppose that helps when it comes to a dream. Back to the show though.

In the beginning wasn't sure how much I would like Ink Master.  But I've come to really like it. As an artist I appreciate seeing the work the artists create, and the level of talent each holds.  Like anything else each artist seems to have niche, it's interesting to watch when they have to go outside it.

Unlike other reality shows they don't spend a lot of time focused on anything but the actual tattooing.  While they all have to share a house together there isn't much shown on that aspect.  Occasionally it will show conversations between people but it usually always involves tattooing.

As of now I don't have one tattoo, nor am I a huge fan of bodies covered in them.  Though don't mind a few here or there.  In fact, depending on the design there are some I really like.

If I thought I wouldn't get tired of the same tattoo then probably would even have one by now.  For instance usually wear the same jewelry, eventually when I tire of it find something new.  Or if I feel like going bare then I simply don't wear it.

But with tattoos that is not an option as it's permanently on the skin, and I'm all for the clean look so not sure I could get used to something permanent that I could not change up. Then again a tattoo with meaning is something I think would be not only be awesome but special. 

It's something I've given serious thought to.  A tattoo involving Angel would mean the world to me.  A way to incorporate all she means.  Whether it be a realistic image, wings, paw print, her name, but something very symbolic.  What better way to hold someone close.

Another idea I have always loved is a quote or word that has special meaning.  Think this type would be better some where highly visible as a way to inspire. But either option I would want someone very creative who could design something amazing.

If you like tattoos, or just art I would recommend watching the show.  It's on Spike TV network.  The show is wrapping up it's current season, but there should be another one soon and it's always on demand to catch up with as well.  Would you get a tattoo, and if so what of?

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  1. I have several tattoos. I got my first when I was 18- and skipped school with some friends to get it. It was a tiny little Chinese symbol for Faith. Since then I have added the symbols for Hope and Love. I have a Celtic Trinity Knot on my heel. I have my Grandma's initials in the shape of angel wings to remember her by. And my biggest tattoos are quotes. Starts on my right foot and goes to my left: "I took the one less traveled by And that has made all the difference." I have never regretted one. But I'm with you- I'm not always a fan of an entirely inked body. I have the itch to get one more.. probably something to do with my daughter. We'll see what I come up with :)


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