Monday, December 8, 2014

Monday Musings

The week felt busy, especially when it came to running errands and appointments. 

Saturday my sister threw my brother in law a party for his birthday, for his 40th last year they were in Disney World.  So they decided to have a party this year.  It was fun and crazy, as it involved both adults and kids.  Imagine 14 plus kids under the age of 10 running around.  My poor sister had her hands full hosting a party and trying to keep the kids under control. (it's amazing just how many parents at the party let their kids run wild without ever checking on them)

Sunday we went tree picking, as we decided to go with a small real tree. Cooper came along as he loves to go for rides, he is also quite the people person.  It's his first tree so he seem fascinated by everything, including the whole decorating process.  And even had to try to taste the tree water. 

The man and I went to a local place to watch football.  It was like old times, and fun!  We even had some tasty food.  If only the Eagles had won like the man's Broncos.

Mentioned last week about having some tests.  My cardiologist has me wearing a portable ekg monitor.  It's rather bulky, clips on, sticks out and basically makes it hard to do stuff.  It's suppose to be worn for two weeks.  But I developed an itchy rash under the electrodes even though they are suppose to be hypo allergic.  So over weekend had to take it off and slather cortisone cream on but even that hasn't helped much.  Stuck it back on today but if it continues they will have to try another monitor. 

Today involved a lot of cleaning, just wish the man would get more involved as it would make things much easier.  But he doesn't quite get it.  That's a whole other story. haha

At least we had a fun weekend, that's what counts the most!

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  1. sounds like you had a good weekend. good luck with the testing!


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