Monday, December 29, 2014

Monday Musings

Christmas was filled with lots of fun.  Christmas eve is when my whole family usually gets together.  We played my parents new wii, took some photos, opened presents, tried to keep up with Cooper and overall enjoyed the moments together.  My niece and I smoked the men in bowling.  She is just getting over strep so wasn't exactly herself but she seemed to love the easy bake oven we gave her.  This year I also cooked the dinner, menu consisted of baked ziti, stuffed shells, garlic sticks and hot roast beef sandwiches.  Followed by a golden stuffed oreo ice cream cake.  Best part iswe also had lots of delicious leftovers!

Christmas day the man and I opened gifts in the morning, then he went to his mothers house in Long Island for a few days.  His mother doesn't allow dogs so I usually stay home.  Being it was Cooper's first Christmas I wanted to be with him.  Plus he's a little bit of a handful as he is still only a puppy, don't feel comfortable yet leaving him with others to watch.  Yup I'm an over protective mommy. : )

Some holidays the man and I haven't always exchange gifts yet it kind of felt like something was missing.  Probably because years ago thought he was going to surprise me with a ring on Christmas, the disappointment of that left me not wanting to exchange gifts for a while.  Not that gifts make the holiday, but it's nice to receive little presents from the one you love.  Though our gift giving styles are different so sometimes our expectations are different than what the other comes up with. But we some how got back to the tradition.

This year he came up with a yoga dvd, small water fountain, yankee candles, Flyers tee....though still not sure when my favorite quarterback is Matt Ryan and team the Eagles how he came up with a Peyton Manning Broncos jersey which happens to be his team. ha

While he went home on Christmas, Cooper and I went to my parents house where we had a nice turkey dinner.  We also played wii as I bought my dad some sport games which he wanted to try. With the dizziness I can usually play the basic sports games but not anything crazy that involves a lot of movement like mario cart or dance off.  We had a great time playing shuffle board, think it might just be my dad's favorite so far.  He is a competitive game player!

Friday involved cleaning house in the morning, then settled in on the couch for a Fixer Upper marathon.  Love the show, and both their styles.  With the man gone the tv was all mine. Come evening I even watched a movie, Endless Love.  I'm a sucker for romance. Didn't even know who Alex Pettyfer was before this but I found him to be quite attractive, dare I say eye candy?  The writing could have been better but watching him was enjoyable. ha

Saturday the man arrived home, we pretty much just spent the day chilling on the couch watching sports, and eating leftovers.  Penn State won their bowl game in overtime, yeah! Sunday my mother and I got up early to return some gifts.  Which was a great idea because we were able to get in and out without any crazy crowds.  Spent the rest of the day napping and watching football. 

Today I started off with a plan to organize rooms but it hasn't exactly panned out.  Seeing the man lounge on the couch some how made me feel less motivated. Could be that the winter hibernation mode is starting to set in.  Who knows, but before the dizziness sets in from being on the computer too long this girl is going to go play with puppy boy!

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