Monday, December 22, 2014

Monday Musings

The week seemed to involve a lot of errands, especially finishing up Christmas shopping.  Of course the places that would normally be empty at 10 am on a weekday are now packed with holiday shoppers.  I'm not one for crowds when it comes to shopping as the lines just get to be too much and parking lots seem to have crazy drivers.  Plus some times I feel like the true meaning of Christmas gets lost amongst the frenzied shopping.

Been itching to do festive things to get more in the holiday spirit, the Philly area has some cool outdoor holiday fun.  Even two outdoor ice skating rinks, one of which happens to be surrounded by small European type holiday shops.  The man seems to have little interest, if it doesn't involve sports forget about it. ha

Friday thought we could do a little shopping, followed by dinner. But the man was only up for one.  Ba hum bug.  Given he actually has more free time than ever before thought he would  be open to do anything.  At least he agreed to go out to dinner, even tried a new Mexican restaurant.  Where he actually had one of the specials a grasshopper burrito.  Taste wise it was okay but the legs made it hard to chew.

Saturday involved sports, Nova game followed by Eagles.  Eagles are now officially out of the playoffs.  Ugh finally a team I like, great coach and some new qb's but still not enough wins!

Sunday my mother and I ran a few early morning errands trying to beat the crowds.  Surprisingly the stores were not too crowded yet, we were able to get in and out. 

Went to go back out later in the day and my car would not start.  So basically spent a few hours dealing with it....AAA came out only to say he tested battery and thought it needed to be checked out in a shop.  The guy made it sound like it was something more serious than just the battery.

Luckily my neighbor across the street happens to work at a shop right around the corner.  So got it towed there.  My neighbor felt the AAA guy probably just didn't want to deal with it on a cold night.  In fact, he had the car back to me by noon. 

Cleaned house, groomed Cooper and went to the mall today which was crowded but bearable.  Even made some home made pizza.  Now I just want to put on the pjs and snuggle into a warm blanket.  Don't even feel like posting a photo for now.

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