Monday, December 15, 2014

Monday Musings

Lately I'm not sure what the sun looks like.  Though the weather forecast has been calling for sunshine, it's been cloudy.  Weather could be compared to gambling as it seems there is a 50% probability of getting it right.  All those analytic and statistics that are so robustly suppose to predict outcomes just don't seem accurate half the time. So wondering when the sun might shine.

Saturday the girls gathered at my parents house to make gingerbread houses, and of course Cooper too.  While it didn't exactly go as planned it did garner some good laughs and memories.  My mother was in charge of baking the gingerbread pieces. There is a whole boxed set with each piece of the house.  Basically we buy the gingerbread mix and cook them in the silicone pieces.

My sister usually bakes them but my mother decided to do it.  She kept going on about how long it took her, 3 hours to bake one batch seemed a little long.  My parents kept saying it was because of the silicone material but something didn't seem right.  As we are trying to assembly and frost the pieces of the house together my sister keeps insisting they are too soft.  And after much trying she says the pieces are just too soft it's not going to work.

So my mother feels bad, even though we tell her not to but she decided to go buy some premade gingerbread pieces at the local store.  Meanwhile my sister got a gingerbread house put together with the soft pieces we had but it looked rough.  The roof was caving, wall looked as if were going to crumble and so on.  And while she left the room for a moment, my niece then exclaims it's falling but there was nothing we could do as we watched the house self destruct.  When my sister came back she just looked at the house, at us and we all broke out laughing.

But nothing like the laugh my sister had after reading the directions. I look up to see her tearing up in laughter.  Here the kit was made in Australia which used a different measuring system, including temperatures.  The directions to bake at 170 C mean 350 F here.  But she baked the pieces at 170, that is why they took so long to cook and were too soft.  Yes a story for the ages. ha

Cooper had so much fun running around their big backyard, though he got so fixated on chasing the squirrels that it was me then who had try to chase him to come inside. So I grabbed my big ole purse, said I was going home and he came running.

Speaking of Cooper he received some early Christmas presents.  A bow tie for the holidays and a snoozer car seat.  Being a puppy he is all over the car, thought it would be safer for everyone if he had his own seat.  Lucky for him they make them raised so he can even look at the window.  Think the guy deserves his own post soon.

Sunday involved the couch and football.  Eagles lost to the pesky Cowboys, that's two in a row, which could dash their playoff hopes.  Of course its sports and there are other scenarios that could help but we won't even talk about that yet.

And yes Monday appears to be turning into clean the house day.  Cleaning and errands, fun stuff.  While it's probably getting completely repetitive to hear I really wish the man would do more house work.  Only been saying that for over two years, and thinking it for way longer. Continue to watch other neighborhood men work on their houses inside and out, longing that the man will some how see them, take note and feel motivated to do the same.  A girl can dream right? (or maybe find a buff handy man for hire to do the work) Just joking, I think. haha

Before I devour the whole bag of Goldfish French Toast Grahams that I happen to be eating while writing this I better get back to working. But not before I share our gingerbread house shenanigans.

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