Monday, December 1, 2014

Monday Musings

It's one of those Mondays my mind is feeling overwhelmed with thoughts.  Last week didn't write because of feeling so poorly.  That's how it seems to work, just when I think I'm feeling better an attack of dizziness hits stronger than before, or sets my heart off as well.

Anything that involved movement seemed like a monumental task.  Such moments make you realize how good health is really the true wealth of life. Think about it, if you good health you can do pretty much anything and all the other stuff in life just seems trivial. 

It bums me out sometimes because I miss out on doing things.  It holds me back from living the life I desire at times. For instance while I didn't feel well missed out on a nba basketball game, dinner out, health expo, walks with my dog, even simply running to the store. And if I'm down nothing gets done around the house.

Touched based with the family doctor.  And there are other appointments ahead.  Maybe they will figure it out, maybe they won't. Over the years I feel like I've had too many tests with little answers.  Still feel strongly that hormones play a role some how.  The not knowing how to make it better is what could drive a person crazy. 

Honestly all I want is faith, faith strong enough to believe that God has a purpose in all this.  And that he will either heal it all or guide me to someone that can.

Spending time on the couch gave me plenty of time to reflect as well.  While there is a sense of being stuck, also realize that I need to have the courage to make changes that may not be easy. Funny how you know what you probably should do but doing it is a whole other story.  And sometimes we know what we want but just not exactly how to get it. 

The thing I was most thankful for this Thanksgiving was just being able to enjoy the day.  I felt better, so appreciated it even more.  Spending time with family, delicious food, football and being able to watch Cooper run around my parents yard.  Those little things mean so much. We even got to spend a whole day before the holiday hanging out with my niece, her and the man had a little wii competition.

The man went to a hockey game in New York over the weekend but some how it didn't seem to agree with him because he came home sick. Then again he should not be drinking alcohol either which he did.  He may have an mba but think at times he is missing common sense. ha

We even had the first snow of the season.  The weather has been crazy one day it's balmy followed by freezing temperatures which is really hard to adjust to.  And it's been rather overcast and rainy as well.  We could use some sun.

Well that's what is going on in my world lately.

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