Monday, November 17, 2014

Monday Musings

It seems the so called polar vortex has dipped down bringing artic air eastward.  Needless to say it is cold, and only going to get colder.  The weather experts say we are 20 degrees below normal.  It even snowed on Thursday.  We are talking wind chills in the teens!

It's going to be interesting because Angel did her business and wanted to go right in.  But Cooper needs his walks before he does his business.  Meaning I'm going to be outside in this winter weather a lot more.  And I'm not a winter girl.

So I ordered a parka from llbean that has a warmth rating of -40, it's rather light feeling.  As I was trying to order they were selling out.  For an extra small its rather roomy. Like my sleeves and overall length longer hence tend to order regular, even though petite is probably more my fit. This coat hits to about my knees so it's little longer than expected but hopefully good for the cold.

The man's excuse for not braving the elements is that puppy boy never pees for him.  He always has an excuse, doesn't understand dogs need to walk around a little outside before doing their business. Yet again it falls on me, an all too familiar pattern.  If I sound a tad bitter, well I am.  Bitter like the cold arctic air blowing here. ha 

Overall haven't been feeling all that great lately.  The dizzy spells are back so computer time is very limited again.  Watching tv the other night I had a doozy of spell.  The spells seem to throw my whole body out of whack.

Still waiting on John Hopkins.  My insurance authorized one visit but the girl organizing the whole thing ended up leaving on an emergency medical leave. While she was gone things got overlooked.  Now that shes back it will be January until they can get me in.  It's frustrating, the insurance had to actually extend the authorization, plus it's a shame they can't see me during an actual flare.

Think it's a combination of things that have been adding to me not feeling well....of course the underlying issues to begin with but then I find these things might contribute to making it all worse....the cold weather is something my body always had a hard time adapting to, hormones mine seem to be all over the place and too much stress.

Meanwhile the weekend was low key.  Sports wise....Eagles got crushed by the Packers, Penn State beat Temple.  My dizziness kept me from doing stuff I wanted. Though did get to snuggle and play with Cooper which is more important anyway. Felt annoyed with the man, especially when he couldn't help rake some leaves.  Made some fabulous homemade chili which was perfect given the weather. 

Felt envious of friends on facebook vacationing in warm destinations.  Seriously have a few couples on my facebook page who literally travel to some of the best destinations locally and around the world frequently.  Literally every weekend of theirs is packed in fun. They defy my man's theory of getting older.

Caught up on some shows as well.  Revenge is crazy this season.  Suppose good writers always have the ability to change things up and keep the viewer hooked.  Wondering is anyone else watching Revenge?  If so, thoughts. 

Well think I've probably already exhausted my limited time on the computer so got to give the brain a rest.  Here's the new parka coat. Hood and fur are both removable. As my niece says cool beans!

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